Fertility Testing & Education: Your Fertility Health & Pregnancy

25th January 2017 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

As rising numbers of women leave it late in life to have a baby, with many unaware of the natural decline of fertility and lower IVF success rates for older women, the need for greater fertility awareness – particularly amongst young people - is more crucial than ever.

We were recently part of an expert panel on the issue at the British Fertility Society (BFS) 2017 conference. Our Senior Andrologist and sperm donor bank manager Joanne Adams spoke to 16 and 17 year-olds all about fertility issues and the use of donor sperm and donor eggs, as part of the BFS’ special Schools Engagement progamme.

The aim of the themed session, ‘Everything You Need to Know About Fertility but Are Afraid to Ask,’ was to improve understanding in young people about issues relating to their own fertility and male and female fertility problems, ensuring they’re informed for their future.

So do you know how fertile you are? It’s actually very easy to find out. If you’re planning to get pregnant, educating yourself now about your own fertility health can help you decide when to start trying to conceive, and let you know in advance if you may need help such as IVF or IUI to have a baby.

Our female fertility testing service at our Cheshire-based private clinic includes examining your hormone levels which are crucial to conception, such as Anti-Mullerian Hormone or ‘egg count test’, which gives you an indication of how many eggs you have remaining and how well you may respond to fertility medications if you do need treatment.

Your Fertility MOT also includes an ultrasound scan where we check your fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus for any abnormalities which could prevent natural conception.

You can choose to have testing done individually or as a couple, which for male partners also includes a detailed semen analysis test to check for any sperm disorders. We can also perform sperm DNA damage testing if its appropriate, which can be a hidden cause of infertility.

Your results will be explained to you at a 30-minute private consultation with one of our fertility specialists, where we’ll outline if there were any potential issues found and the treatment we’d recommend that gives you the best chance of pregnancy when you’re ready for a baby.

If you’re interested in a private fertility check, it can be completed within one menstrual cycle, so you’ll get your detailed results quickly.

Speak to our friendly Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737 to book your appointment or apply online, no referral is needed and we have no waiting list.


Last updated: 20th January 2020