Female Cancer & Fertility; Egg-Freezing, Frozen Embryo Transfers & Donor Eggs

20th January 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that in addition to helping our patients become parents, our fertility specialists are also involved in fertility studies and research?

Our Consultant Gynaecologist Dr Raj Mathur – who is also external advisor to fertility regulator the HFEA and lead for Policy and Practice for the British Fertility Society - was recently part of a team researching fertility preservation in female cancer patients.

The new study by Manchester hospital St Mary’s showed that only small numbers of women are having fertility preservation treatment on the NHS, because of strict criteria imposed by some local commissioning groups – the bodies that dictate where funding is spent - despite NICE guidelines to the contrary.

Fewer than 4% of women with cancer preserve their fertility before potentially becoming infertile through treatment according to the study, with many women unaware of their options and no ‘automatic’ referral system for fertility preservation.

At Manchester Fertility, you can self-refer to see our fertility consultants for clear advice about options pre and post-cancer treatment including using donor eggs.

We have no waiting list for any of our treatments:

Egg-freezing:We’ll be able to advise if egg-freezing is a viable option for you, and your chances of success in future, so you can make an informed choice. An egg-freezing cycle can be performed quickly and safely, to minimise any delay to the start of your cancer treatment. We can store your eggs for up to 10 years.

IVF:Some women choose to have IVF pre-treatment instead of egg freezing, with the resulting quality embryos frozen and stored for future use. When you’re ready for treatment you undergo Frozen Embryo Transfer, for which we have strong success rates. Almost half of women aged 37 and under who have frozen embryo transfers with us become pregnant.

IVF with donor eggs:If you need to use an egg donor to have a baby, our Manchester Donors egg donor programme has no waiting list. We can offer you an extensive choice of traceable and identifiable UK egg donors who are all fertile women aged 18-35 who donate eggs exclusively to us.

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If you’d like our help to preserve your fertility, we can see you straight away, so you can begin chemotherapy or radiotherapy as soon as possible. You can also start treatment with us now if you need to use one of our egg donors to have a baby. Call our Patient Advisors for an appointment on 0161 300 2737, including any short notice appointments we have available.

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