Single Women Fertility Treatment & Support

28th October 2018 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Are you single but want to have a baby? You are not on your own - the HFEA reports a 35% increase in single women seeking treatment, and at Manchester Fertility we specialise in helping women become mothers through IVF or insemination with UK donor sperm.

We don’t just offer immediate treatment but exceptional personal support every step of the way.

Single women family options: Your journey

Thanks to our own donor sperm bank, we have no waiting list and can offer you safe, consultant-led and cost-effective personalised treatment.

When you come to us for help to have your baby, you can be assured of:

  • Compassionate care from our dedicated teams: Our experience supporting single women means we have a unique understanding of your needs and are by your side, right up to the earliest days of your pregnancy
  • Counselling: Before treatment starts, you will have counselling. This is so we can chat to you about all the implications of using donor sperm for you and your child, so you’re prepared and ready for having your family. 
  • Choice of funding options: You can choose to pay for treatment traditionally as you go along, or opt for a package. We’ll talk you through all your options so you can make an informed choice and fund treatment whichever way suits you best. 
  • Choice of sperm donor: We can offer you an extensive range of sperm donors. All our sperm donors are health-screened UK-based young men aged under 41, who have the highest quality sperm needed for sperm donation. Your child will have the chance to find out about their origins in future, as all our donors are identifiable to any child they help to create. You’ll also be able to find out about donor siblings too. And if treatment’s successful, you can opt to reserve sperm from the same donor to grow your family.

Start IVF and fertility treatment

It’s easy to start your journey to motherhood with Manchester Fertility. Simply self-refer online, and we’ll be in touch. You don’t need to see your GP first.

Or talk to our friendly Patient Advisors and book in for a consultation. You’re also invited to book a free, no obligation one-to-one, where you can talk through your family plans with us in private. Call us on 0161 300 2737, we’re happy to help.

Last updated: 14th February 2019