Donor egg IVF for over 40s: Why you should use a donor egg

17th June 2015 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Women over the age of 44 should use donor eggs in their IVF treatment – that’s the message from the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) conference happening now in Portugal.

The advice follows a long-term, 12-year study by an IVF clinic in Barcelona, which revealed that success rates for women in their mid 40s using their own eggs was just 1.3%.

Yet more women than ever are seeking IVF and fertility treatment in their 40s, with a fifth of IVF patients in Britain in this age group. 

So what are your options if you’re an older woman and want to have a baby through IVF? At Manchester Fertility we recommend that women aged 44 and over use donor eggs. This is because, the prognosis of IVF working using your own eggs is so low due to natural decline of your fertility as you age. 

We understand that for many older women, it can be disappointing to find that your own eggs aren’t recommended for use in treatment. But the good news is that success rates for women using donor eggs are higher than ever. At Manchester Fertility, almost half of women using donated eggs become pregnant.

And if you do need donor eggs, you don’t need to worry about joining lengthy waiting lists or having to go abroad to find a donor. At Manchester Fertility we have no waiting lists for IVF with donor eggs thanks to our own extensive donor egg bank

You can choose your ideal donor from our donor bank, with the reassurance that all of our donors are HFEA-registered, UK-based and are fully identifiable to any child you have. You’ll be given detailed donor profiles to help you choose your donor, which include personal goodwill messages direct from the donor. 

You’ll also be fully supported in your choice and treatment by our dedicated Donation Team. We know that choosing a donor is a very personal and emotional decision, but we’re here to help match you with your ideal donor. Don’t forget that as a team we get to know all of our egg and sperm donors personally and can help identify who may be a good choice for you, based on your requirements. Our Donation Team also co-ordinate every stage of your treatment, so it’s stress-free and convenient to you. 

You can get started straight away. Call our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737 to book in for a personal one to one session, where the treatment, stages and donor selection process will be explained to you in detail and in private. 

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