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Ask The Expert - Treatments Questions

  • 31 low AMH

    I'm in a female same sex couple. Had a previous AMH result of 3.4. I have regular periods and no other health problems. I know IUI wouldn't be recommended in my case but what are my chances of a successful IVF cycle? And would you recommend I do a Natural IVF cycle?

  • Three unsuccessful cycles.

    Hi, myself and my husband have just discovered that our third round of ICSI has resulted in a negative PDT and we are wondering what to do next, we are considering changing clinics. I’m 36 and husband 34. We had a spontaneous pregnancy 6 months after getting married and then unfortunately had an early miscarriage. Following that we’re unable to conceive. Regular menstrual cycle/ AMH 12.75,...

  • Sperm cryopreservation for someone with very low semen volume

    Is there a minimum volume of semen that the lab needs to be able to analyse and freeze my sperm? My partner has low ejaculate volume due to testosterone deficiency. He's ejaculating less than half a ml. The doctors want him to go on testosterone replacement because the deficiency is affecting him quite badly, so we are hoping to get back up sperm freezing because we know that TRT can cause dec...

  • Our options

    My partner has had a vasectomy 20 years ago and is 20 years older than me at 51 now. As far as I know there aren’t any reasons why I’m unable to have children personally but then again I’ve never tried. I wondered what our best option is, could we get sperm aspiration and then insemination or would we have to go down extraction and then fill IVF? Thanks

  • Zika virus

    I'm thinking about holidays while we are on a break from treatment. Which countries should you avoid due to the zika virus? Also if you did travel to these countries how does this effect your treatment? Many thanks

  • What treatment is better for me?

    Hi I have been looking through your treatments and was wondering what the the best one for me would be. I have polycystic ovaries and my partner has a low sperm count. We have conceived naturally in the past so were looking at the IUI with clomid. Do you think this would be the best treatment for us? I am just looking for information at this point. Thank you

  • IVF using egg donor

    Good evening As a same sex female couple is IVF using both sperm and egg donors available to us? We had originally hoped that my wife could donate her eggs to me to then carry the baby, however, having researched the subject we have discovered that my wife is over the age threshold for egg donation so therefore this isn’t an option. Having discussed it further we have decided it would be the ...

  • Fresh IVF fail

    Hi, im a 29 year old female with pcos which leads to irregular periods. My husband has azoospermia so we are using a donor. We have just completed our first Ivf fresh cycle which ended in a negative result despite having a good day 5 blast and the doctor saying everything looked great on transfer day, there was a little fluid in the utures but I had no ohss symptoms. We have 5 frozen embryos from ...

  • Immunologic recurrent pregnancy loss

    Hello Doctor, My husband and I have suffered three first trimester losses in a year. The first two ended at week 5, and the third one ended at week 7 after noting a heart beat of 119. Our karyotypes are normal, and the baby was 46xx normal by chromosome microarray analysis without maternal contamination. I have hashimoto's thyroiditis with positive TPO antibodies (500+). My TSH was being managed ...

  • Endometrial lining

    I'm in a FET cycle, and on day 10 of estrogen stimulation my endometrial lining was 7.6. I’m scheduled to start progesterone treatment in 2 days - how much can I expect my endometrial lining to grow until then (with same dose of estrogen, 200 mg Vivelle Dot)? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Clomid

    Can you advise if I am able to be prescribed Clomid following a consultation without my partner or would we both be required to attend?

  • Embryo transfer whilst breastfeeding

    I have some embryos stored with you. I am currently breastfeeding my 9 month old baby but am very keen to try and have an embryo replaced in the new year. Is it possible to go through treatment and continue breastfeeding? Thank you

  • Can number of eggs extracted be improved?

    Im 38 and we underwent ICSI earlier this year which lead to 5 eggs, 4 mature, 1 embryo and a pregnancy that ended at 17wks, which was devastating. We are now considering another round of ICSI, but with FSH 9, AMH 18.7 and AFC 12 I think the total number of eggs retrieved seems low. I was given Suprcur 1mg, Meopur 75x3 amps and Pregnyl 10,000iu. Do you think the number of eggs retrieved in a future...

  • Possible Hydrosalpinx

    I have currently had one failed FET and my last scan showed fluid in my uterus. The nurse who scanned me said it didn't look like hydrosalpinx but the doc said it is and wants to take my tube out with laparoscopy. Would a hsg be recommended before undergoing this op? Thanks, helen (30 yrs)

  • IVF follicle monitoring

    Hi, Would like to know that during follicle monitoring during IVF, do number of follicles seen on day 6 of cycle increase as the cycle progresses . They grow in size but do they also grow in numbers

  • Question regarding Sperm sort (Ericsson or gradient method)

    I was to ask the embryologist: in order to have a successful IUI for gender selection, is it possible to have multiple sperm sample collected (say over the course of a week) and then have the sperm sort (gradient method) done on them a few times i.e. separate first time, then take the layer containing most of the desired sex and separate again one or two times, until you have a final sort sample t...

  • BMI

    Im eligible for icsi on nhs funding but have to get my bmi to 30 before they will start. If i tranfered to you as an nhs funded patient would you be able to go ahead with bmi of 35 or would i still need to get down to 30?

  • Trying to conceive for abt 1 1/2 years

    I am 26 yr female.I am trying to conceive.But it didn't happened.Whether I can able to get pregnant with my husband's 30% sperm motility naturally?And how do I know whether I am ovulating or not?

  • Frozen donor egg treatment

    Why do you need to have so much drug prep for frozen donor egg? Can't the egg be implanted in timing with your own natural cycle, if you are ovulating normally, through use of scans and LH surge?

  • What fertility treatment would you advise

    I'm 42 and have never been pregnant. I had the mirena removed 3 months ago and no period. Having 10 days of norithisterone and no periods my bloods have come back With FSH 41.2 LH 43.3 Oestradiol 346 and Prolactin 133. What treatment would you recommend please as my husband and I would like to start a family.

  • IUI

    After a pelvic scan it has shown I have a small dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries, will IUI still be a option?

  • Fertility mot

    What is the difference between a fertility MOT and pre-treatment investigation?

  • Surrogacy - Low Egg Count

    I'm 37 years old and me and my partner are just beginning the gestational surrogacy process with our friend who's agreed to be our surrogate. I can't have a baby naturally on my own due to some other health issues and history so surrogacy is the best option for us. I've recently learned however that I have a low egg count and now i'm worried that me and my partner won't be able to have the surroga...

  • Unprotected sex on day 21

    Hi I am due to start treatment for ICSI on day 21 of my period we have had unprotected sex. Is it possible to concieve naturally during this time?

  • Over weight

    I'm over weight and am in process of slimming but would I still be able to have IVF ?

  • Embryo transfer

    Can I please enquire whether you use ultrasound guided embryo transfer ?

  • Wanting to know my chances ...

    I am 32 yrs old and while I've got pcos (don't ovulate) with previous partners I've never been able to get pregnant. Ive had all my blood tests done all normal LH, FSH, Thyroid and vitamin D.... except my AMH is 82.4. My current partner and I are beginning our self funded IVF could've gone down iui but success rate is too low. We want to know what are our chances of our first round working o...

  • About hCG level after IVF

    My wife had an hCG test on day 14 after implantation with two frozen embryos. The result was 23. On d16 the level was 7 so she stopped medication. Now she is on day 19 but has not bled. Is that a problem and is there a possibility that she is pregnant ??

  • Can I have IVF?

    I was wondering the best way to have IVF as I have my Fallopian tubes clipped

  • Treatment options

    On a recent test , my partner had a low sperm count , 5 million, 3% morphology and 40% motility but only 5% moving forward progressively . We have been trying to conceive for 9 months. I am 36. What do you think our treatment options would be and chances of it working?

  • Ivf after failed vasectomy

    My partner has children to his previous marriage and had a vasectomy in 2008. He had a reversal in January this year but it was unsuccessful with no sperm found at six months. Is the only option other than further surgery is to have ivf?

  • Advice of best treatment

    At the moment I am taking clomid to make me ovulate but also my partner has low sperm motility. Which treatment would be best for us?

  • Normal AMH and FSH but few follicles at IVF

    I am currently doing my first ivf round. I am 35 years with tubal blockage. My AMH is 16.4 pmo/l and my Fsh 6. I was under a long protocol with fsh 150 iu but responded slowly. My Dr increased to 175 iu after one week. I am very concerned because I only have 4 mature follicles visible at scan. My Dr decided however to do the retrieval. I am afraid ending with no embryos to transfer. Do you thin...

  • IVF failure

    We already had ivf and did not succeed due to not having good quality eggs and my husband having no sperm. We have a 7 year old so I don't won't a donor. I just want to give a brother or sister for my daughter.My husband had a brain tumour when 15 and he had had an injection for me to fall pregnant but now we have a child we can no longer go on it as it's very expensive.We did freeze some s...

  • At 41 chances of getting pregnant with ivf and pgd/pgs

    I am 41, with 2 older kids ?(12 & 10). My partner is 38. done all necessary tests, everything is normal. after a failed iui in january, i just had a missed miscarriage. do you believe i have good chances with ivf and pgd/pgs, or should i forget about a third child.

  • Second attempt

    Please can you confirm when I could start again after a failed cycle. Can this be straight away?

  • Embryoscope query

    We are having fertility treatment for secondary fertility. I have PCOS and also had treatment for our first child. I am 39 and my husband is nearly 46 so time isn't on our side. We have discovered I would need abdominal egg collection for IVF, which our current clinic doesn't offer so we are choosing between a clinic in London which would involve more stress from travelling but does offer Embryosc...

  • IUI upper BMI limit

    Hi I am 34 years of age and in a same sex relationship. I have lost 3 stone and am working towards a bmi approx 16 pounds away!! What is the bmi limit for iui? Do you consider patients for iui with a limit over 35? And can you do iui whilst going through the initial screening tests for ivf ?

  • Time off work

    After an embryo transfer, do you need time off work?

  • Ivf

    I did iui but it didn't work for me so I jump to ivf, my doctor started the protocol with menopur and the later fostimon but unfortunately on my scan day my doctor said I wasn't producing any follicle, plesase I want to know what could be the problem

  • IVF with BMI of 35

    My partner is 42 and we want to go for private ivf treatment as my partner has been rejected for nhs treatment due to her BMI being 35. Can you help?

  • Which treatment would you recommend for me?

    Hi, I'm 27 and my fsh is 13pmol and Amh 6.4pmol. I have a healthy bmi, which treatment would you recommend for me I will be using donor sperm too. Thank you.

  • ICSI at 43

    Hello, I'm 43 1/2 years old with one fallopian tube left and a dermoid cyst on one ovary (surgery was operated on the second ovary). I had my first child naturally 5 yrs ago with my husband. We underwent IVF ICSI for the last two years because of his low sperm count. I got pregnant on the 2nd IVF but miscarried following severe turner syndrome. ICSI number 3 gave a chemical pregnancy and ICSI 4...

  • Ivf Donor eggs

    Hi can you tell me, what your success rates are for ivf donor eggs, for under 30's are please.

  • Pessary

    Hi do you use the pessary on the day of the embryo transfer?

  • Sex a day after egg collection

    I had unprotected sex with my husband a day after egg collection and up until the noon before embryo transfer. Will this have any effect and would this affect embryo implantation.

  • Frozen Embryo Transfer

    My embryo transfer was cancelled due to having high E2 Level. Will there be extra costs for Frozen embryo transfer with Manchester fertility?

  • IVF

    Hello, Does your BMI have to be 30 or below to have private IVF treatment?

  • Lesbian IVF

    I am 22 years old and as far as I am aware I have no fertility problems. However I have a female partner and when the time comes we would like to use her egg, but have me carry. Can I get IVF on the NHS for this reason?

  • Morphology

    My morphology is 0.6% and PH is 9. What can I do to father a child?

  • Low success rates of Natural IVF what are the other options?

    I turned 40 two weeks ago. My husband and I conceived naturally five months ago and had an incomplete miscarriage after seven weeks. Neither of us have children. My FSH levels are 16.5 (taken last month), my AMH is 2.1 pmol/l (taken yesterday). One of my ovaries had a small cyst (3 cm), and the other one was lower down than the other. This made it difficult to count the follicles but estimated at ...

  • PCOS problem

    We have a daughter conceived in 2011 via a FET. Since 2012 we have had 3 failed cycles of ICSI trying for a sibling. We have been told it is an egg quality issue. I manage a good number of eggs but after fertilisation these dwindle. My question is, how can we overcome the egg quality issue and achieve success? I am taking vitamins to boost this issue. Also my cycles are still between 34-36 days. W...

  • IVF

    About 2 years ago I started the process for IVF with scans and blood tests but never went any further. Does this count as my first attempt at free treatment or could I start the process again by going to the GP?

  • Stimulation abroad

    Is it possible to complete the stimulation phase in my residential country and then come to the clinic for trigger shot, egg retrieval, ICSI procedure and transfer?

  • IVF on NHS

    Can a 45-year-old get free IVF under NHS? I’ve never had treatment before.

  • IVF straight after clomid

    I am on my third round of clomid after 2 early miscarriages earlier this year. My doctor has recommended that I start the IVF medication a week before I even know if I'm pregnant in this last trial of clomid. This will be day 21 of this cycle. Is it safe to start this mediation while still finishing the clomid? Could it effect the chances of the clomid being successful this month?

  • Should I try IVF?

    I am 44 years old and have an AMH level of 5.7, is it worth trying IVF?

  • AMH and IVF

    I have an AMH of 1.7 and a fertility clinic has said the best chance of pregnancy is IVF rather than IUI. My question is why would my best chance be IVF? Does having reduced fertility mean that it is almost impossible to release an egg every month with such low ovarian reserve but with IVF, the eggs can be retrieved. Is that why IVF is the best chance? My other question is if I am still ovulating ...

  • IVF transfer

    I have recently had a successful birth following IVF with the NHS. I produced 5 embryos, which went through to blastocyst stage and have been frozen. I am only eligible for one cycle on the NHS - can my frozen blastocysts be transferred to a private facility for insertion or do I start the cycle again?

  • IVF treatment

    My tubes are damaged so they have been clipped; I have had 5 failed IVF cycles, what are my chances of getting pregnant? Is there any hope?

  • Do you allow two Blastocysts transfer?

    I am 22 years old, I am due to start my IVF soon, I was wondering if you will transfer two blastocysts instead of one because I want a higher chance of conceiving twins.

  • IVF at 39

    I am 39, almost 40. Regular periods, always ovulate, good follicle count, clear lap operation. As a single woman, opting for sperm donor, what is the best MOT for me to purchase? I will perform ICSI if my own eggs are too thick.

  • Only 2 eggs collected AMH 6

    I have recently completed an IVF cycle where only 2 eggs were collected. I gave an AMH of 6 and was on 300 Gonal-F. Am I wasting my time trying IVF again or am I likely to get more eggs on further cycles?

  • Start IVF

    I am 30 years old and have started IVF. My question is about the use of cyclogest 400mg during IVF treatment. When can I start cyclogest and when shall I stop it because I am confused?

  • Cyclogest and IVF

    Can I take cyclogest 400 during IVF treatment and how long can I take it?

  • AMH of 4.9

    I am 42 and have an AMH of 4.9. Would I still be able to get IVF treatment with such a low result and what are the chances of a successful pregnancy?

  • When should I start IVF?

    I am a lady of 30 years who has got pregnant before but all resulted in miscarriage. Now I have done two surgeries on both my fallopian tubes. Meaning I have no tubes. Last surgery was an ectopic, which was done about two weeks ago. So my doctor told me that the only option is to do IVF. So I'm asking how many years or months should I wait before starting IVF? 

  • Antral follicle - Why day 2-5 of cycle?

    I'm 42 and have been advised that the antral follical scan needs to be done during days 2-5 of my cycle, however I've read it can be any day of the cycle and also days 5-12. I'm confused. Are there different reasons for a first scan pre IVF to be done on certain days of your cycle?

  • Treatment success

    We had a successful outcome following our first round of ICSI and are now undergoing our first round of a frozen cycle. Is there a higher chance of success with this cycle as we were successful last time?

  • 44 years old and undergoing IUI treatment with menopur

    I am 44 years old, I am currently going through an IUI cycle with medication (menopur). I have been tested and all my levels/numbers are outstanding for my age. I also achieved a pregnancy in September that ended in m/c in November at almost 9 weeks. I'm not reading a lot of positive feedback, and I'm curious that my RE has no concerns. They always feel positive that I will have success? I hav...

  • Endometrial Scratch?

    Hi, I am due to start IVF in March. I have been under Dr Polson for a while at Salford Royal and have transferred to Manchester Fertility. I had the scratch when I had a lap and dye just over a year ago. Would you recommend paying for it again? I'm 23 and have had tubal surgery to remove adhesions in June followed by 6 failed Clomid cycles.

  • Last frozen cycle

    I have had one successful fresh ICSI cycle in 2014 and one frozen cycle in 2015 which ended in an early miscarriage. I have 3 frozen embryos left so one last attempt on the NHS. Would an endometrial scratch be beneficial to increase chances of success or is there anything you would suggest? I have had a 2 miscarriages in total.

  • Drugs

    What drugs are used during the IVF procedure?

  • IUI treatment

    I am 28 years of age, I weigh 14 stone with a BMI of 33. I have had a HSG which was normal and have had full bloods which revealed FSH 7.9, restorone 1.2, oestradol 160, proqaterone 31 (hope you know what these mean though I'm told they're good!) and my smear test was normal also. I have been trying to conceive previously for 12 months then stopped. I am now preparing for IUI treatment and am told...

  • Sperm antibodies

    I am 38 and FSH, LH, AMH are normal. My partner has antibodies causing agglutination 25%. I read IVF can be used after sperm washing. Is it true or do we have to go with ICSI?

  • AMH

    Before going forward with IVF is it standard to have the AMH blood test?

  • IUI treatment

    Could you please tell me how much IUI treatment is but using one of your own donors?

  • Advice about a recent cycle

    I was wondering if you could offer me some advice about a recent cycle of gentle IVF I have been through which was unsuccessful. We only retrieved 2 eggs which I was surprised at as I had previously responded very well on a long protocol IVF on 125 Gonal F with oestrogen and progesterone support. The gentle protocol was originally meant to be 0.3ml of Buserelin and Gonal F starting from day 1 ...

  • Estrogen support after embryo transfer

    I have had two IVF treatments in the last 18 months and in both cases have not got near the test date before a period has arrived in full. I was taking cyclogest in one cycle and gestone in another. Is there any proven value in estrogen supplementation following embryo transfer in addition? I am wary of attempting any further cycles if I can't be more sure of giving embryos a chance to implant. M...

  • A weird cycle - is this normal?

    Dear Dr, I am doing my 2nd IVF this month. My first in August, was a textbook IVF, retrieval on day 13 and transfer a few days later of a good looking embryo. However this didn't stick. So I was eager to continue my treatment this month. However, on my 2nd period day the scan showed 2 follicles that were already 9 and 11 mm. My doc started me up on the Elonva after all, but today, 6 days later the...

  • IUI - No fertility problems

    What are your success rates for IUI for patients using donor sperm that have no known fertility problems?

  • NSAIDs in IVF

    Why is it important not to take NSAIDs in IVF stimulation phase?

  • When to start cyclogest

    Hello. Having had treatment at three different clinics in the last four years (I moved a lot for work), I notice each one tells me to start the cyclogest suppositories at a different time: one, evening of egg collection; two, two days after egg collection; three, evening of embryo transfer. I'm worried that this has made a difference to the chances of implantation - that either there was too much ...

  • Low AMH and follicle count - what treatment?

    I was contemplating an IUI with a donor sperm but my result came back with a low AMH (5.9) and low follicle count (2 on each ovary). I am 39, have regular periods, never any problems and generally healthy. I am wondering what type of treatment would be best for me since I would probably be a poor respondent to IVF. Would an attempt with IUI on a natural cycle had any chance of success? Thank you f...

  • Endometrial Scratch

    At what stage in a frozen embryo transfer cycle would you recommend having an endometrial scratch performed?

  • What is the suitable program of IVF (long or short program) for Low AMH with normal FSH and LH?

    My AMH is low with normal FSH and LH. I try 4th attempt with short program, with one and two oocytes. Should I try the long program?

  • egg quality

    Dear MFS I've been told that I have low-ish amh for my age (just under 15, age 35) and poor egg quality (after 2xICSI, NHS). I suffer with bad anxiety so I know that I can do things to improve my general well being and lower stress, which might affect it, but is there anything in particular you would recommend to improve egg quality? I seemed to respond well to the medication (my scans looked g...

  • NK Cells

    Hi, I'm 40 yrs of age and my husband and i have been trying for 5 years to get pregnant. We're both healthy and have had several bloods tests, including AMH, and FSH which came back good. We had our first IVF cycle last year which wasn't successful. We've been to another clinic recently and they've tested my NK cells CD69 which came back 1.01, Cytotoxicity raised at 34%. I have been advised to con...

  • PGS and Eeva Time Lapse Technology Imaging

    Are Manchester Fertility due offer Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and the new IVF breakthrough Time Lapse Technology (Eeva) to select the best embryos for patients with history of recurrent miscarriages? and if you do, what is the fee or the cost of these screenings?

  • Kind advice solicited regarding IVF failure.

    Sir, our history is as follows – Married since year 2004 (approx. 9 years). Wife - Age 33 years, suffered genital TB, Taken ATT for 2 years, Fallopian tubes cornual blocked, ovaries and uterus – normal but endometrium thin 6mm even after taking hormones becomes irregular, prognosis very poor. Husband - Age 37 years, ICSI done. Sperm count and mobility - Normal Karyotyping of blood samp...

  • Conceiving through IVF

    i'm 37 my parter is 35, we have 7 children between us from previous partners but would like a child together. I was sterilised 4 years ago but fell pregnant easil with my three boys. we are both very fit and healthy how high are our chances of conceiving through IVF?

  • Natural or medicated frozen embryo transfer

    Hello, I am a 36 year old woman ttc for 6 years with 2 previous failed IVF cycles, though both initially resulted in pregnancy. For the first I had a 'chemical pregnancy' - ie initial positive test very quickly followed by a negative result. The second cycle resulted in a positive test, then heartbeat seen at scan at 7 weeks, however no hb at 8.5 weeks and so I had a medically managed miscarr...

  • IVF viability

    Hi, I have just had the results back from my fertility tests. I am 39, my AMH was 6 and fsh 7.8 (both tests done mid cycle). I know that time isn't on my side, would IVF be possible with these results?

  • Options after sterilisation

    I was sterilised 3 years ago now have a new partner, we would like to have a baby what are the options and what are the costs?

  • Assisted Hatching?

    When/why would I be offered assisted hatching and what are the benefits of this?

  • Second baby IVF?

    Does it increase the chances of ivf working, if you have already had a baby using ivf?

  • Blastocyst failure

    Hello, I have had 4 blastocyst failures in the last yr. Just wondering what you think my chances are for implantation a 5 th time. I am 32 with no fallopian tubes?

  • Sterilisation

    Me and my new husband have been sterilised, is there any chance we can have ivf treatment?

  • IVF number of trips to clinic

    Hi I'm just wondering if you can let me know how many trips i would have to make to clinic for the process of ivf, with own eggs and partners semen?

  • How does Buserelin work?

    My lining was not thin enough following 14 days on 50 units of buserelin (6mm). I am now on a further week but given that my bleed stopped by the 14th, I am puzzled at how this will continue to thin the endometrium?

  • 1-2% sperm morphology: ICSI or IVF?

    We have started IVF treatment this week and I'm concerned that the clinic we are with have given us the wrong advice about whether we should be having ICSI or IVF. My husband has had 3 sperm samples. Each sample has had had normal numbers and motility but reduced morphology. The first 2 samples were 1% morphology and the third was 2%. We have been told that we will be having IVF and not ICSI but I...

  • No sperm found

    We been trying for a baby for two years now, and last year I found out that I have no sperm, after supplying two samples. I had various blood tests, fibrosis test and few other tests and everything else seems to be normal except low testerone level. The NHS suggested we go through IVF (sperm retrieval). I'm just wondering what are the chances of sperm retrival? And what are our options? Thanks

  • ICSI and switching clinics?

    Hello. I'm currently on the 8 month waiting list in the Halifax/Calderdale area for my first attempt at the ICSI treatment. My partner and I have both had all the tests necessary and unfortunately my partner has a very low sperm count due to two hernia operations at a young age. I saw your prices on getting the ICSI treatment and noticed that the treatment is cheaper (more a £1,000 difference) th...

  • Ivf with my own eggs

    Im 38 and my tubes are blocked. I've done ivf before with my eggs and have a 10yr old son , I now want to have another baby with my partner, he's 31, can you help me?

  • DHEA question

    I'm taking dhea, is there any contraindications to pregnancy? ie Is it safe if you fall pregnant and are awaiting to see if you menstruate, to continue taking?

  • I am 39 and want to have a baby

    Well I am 39 and would like a baby where should I start ivf sperm donor just confused ?

  • Amh <2.03 a year ago

    I'm 40, my amh is low, i have had 6 m/c's in the last 5 years - would DHEA help me to achieve 1 last pregnancy and hopefully live birth?

  • Endometrial Scratching

    How much does the endometrial scratch procedure cost? Do you perform it for patients undergoing their treatment cyle elsewhere?

  • Surrogacy

    Do you offer treatment for gestational surrogacy? Thanks

  • IVF or ICSI?

    We have been referred for IVF as I have ovulatory problems. We have been told we would be having ICSI as on my husband's latest seaman analysis he was slightly lower than average but nothing to worry about (his previous one was a good result) would you therefore recommend ICSI or conventional IVF?

  • DHEA use

    The clinic I am using for IVF with low reserves doesn't know very much about DHEA. Is it worth using in your opinion? And why are they aware of it if others like yourselves are advocates of it?

  • DHEA and progesterone?

    I am just started taking DHEA and previously been told I have a luteal phase defect - I have cyclogest pessaries 200mg. Is it safe to take both together after ovulation?

  • Realistic chance?

    I am 35, have only one ovary, my AMH is 2.75, I will need donor sperm and I can only financially afford one attempt at IVF. Is this a realistic scenario to enter into treatment?

  • IVF treatments?

    I responded well to Clomid so does this mean I will respond well to Fostimon?

  • What strength DHEA tablet should I take?

    I have just had an AMH result of 5.42 and been told my chances of IVF success are slim. What dose of DHEA should I take to improve my chances?

  • Cyclogest

    How long can one use cyclogest after Embryo Transfer?

  • Am I overweight for DI?

    My BMI is over 35. Would I still be considered for donor insemination? I'm healthy otherwise and have had twins with a previous partner, however my current partner can't have children and we'd love to have a child together.

  • DHEA and IVF treatment

    I tried IVF twice but had three eggs and poor quality zygotes hence failed. I was told I have very low OR. Can I be a candidate for DHEA if I go private in the UK?

  • inplantation

    i had to embryos put back i am 23 my husband has a low sperm count i just want to know how good is my chanes of becoming pregnant and how long after they put back the embryos do they plant

  • DHEA supplements?

    My latest IVF attempt failed - I got only three follicles, 2 eggs and 2 embryos. I transferred after two months due to my endometrium being only 6mm. My Dr has now given me DHEA. I don't have my right tube, and my left tube is clipped. I'm 33 years old. Will I have successful IVF? What should I do?

  • Can we refuse ICSI?

    Can we refuse ICSI and insist on IVF?

  • What's next after clomid?

    I'm 30 years old and I'm on my 4th cycle of clomid for PCOS. I had a miscarriage after my 2nd cycle of clomid what would you recommend as the next treatment? My husband has been tested and has no problems.

  • What next?

    I'm a 35 year old woman who has undergone 3 cycles of donor insemination (natural cycle) without achieving pregnancy. All tests beforehand were normal. Would you recommend ivf with donor sperm as a next step? Thank you

  • Sterilisation - what treatment is best?

    I was sterilized but have remarried. Both me and my husband have healthy children but would like one of our own. What treatment method would be best for us? Thank you

  • IVF Process

    Hi Brian, we are about to embark on IVF. We have a son who is two and since his birth I have had three miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies, one of which was treated with a right sided salpingectomy and one with methotrexate. We have been trying now for 18 months. I have had scans and have found no reason for infertility. I came to the clinic to see about egg sharing but AMH was 8.2 so we are ...

  • Treatment for low sperm count?

    We are a couple aged 40 (her) with regular menstrual cycle and 37 (him) with low sperm count as a result of an undescended testicle. Are there treatments we can consider other than IVF/ICSI?

  • Four IVF cycles, is there any hope?

    Hi Brian, I have had 4 IVF treatments, all embroys have reached blastocyst but none have implanted. Please can you give me any hope?

  • Egg Retrieval

    I will be starting the IVF procedure after my holiday in July and am a little nervous of the egg retrieval process under only a mild sedation. Is general anaesthetic an alternative option to the mild sedation? Thanks

  • IVF with an emryo donor

    I am 41 years old and I like to know if I Can do IVF with embryo of a donor? Thanks

  • Fetility Treatment Options

    Hello, I'm a 33 year old woman and my partner is 28. My blood tests and ultrasound scans are normal. My partner does however have a sperm count <2 million. What are our treatment options? Thanks

  • Frozen Embryo replacement

    Do I need to pay for both of the below: Replacement of frozen embryos (blood monitoring) - £1060.00 and Replacement of frozen embryos (using kit) - £980.00?

  • Inducing Ovulation

    I have had many cycles of clomid, the doctors did not scan me to see if I ovulated but I took ovulation test and got positive results for ovulation but I never got pregnant, I know I cant have more clomid but would I be able to have induction of ovulation at your clinic by any other type of medicine I have pcos and ovulate late in the month on my own, and would iui be more successful? Would I stil...

  • ICSI treatment

    Hi doctor, I would like to know that only once the sperm is transferred into the egg of the female in the whole procedure... If it doesn't go positive, would we have to again do the whole procedure and pay again?

  • iui success

    Is it true that 'washed' sperm used during iui doesn't survive as long in the female reproductive tract as 'unwashed' sperm during normal conception methods? If so, how is the timing of iui determind when using ovulation predictor kits once a day and no ovarian stimulation/monitoring with scans. Thank you

  • Low AMH and normal FSH?

    I'm 30 and have had my AMH tested which was 5.3. Have been trying to conceive for 2 and a half years. My FSH was 6. All other tests were normal. Is there any chance of conceiving naturally/using my own eggs or what other treatment options would you recommend?

  • OCPD and fertility treatments?

    I am a 36 year old mother of a 13 year old. I have OCPD, hence very irregular periods. Clomid doesn't work on me, only some injections which I took in India where they injected me to ovulate and scanned every day to check ovulation. Would you be able to provide the same fertility treatment and how much would it cost please?

  • Low AMH?

    I have been told I am in the lowest band of fertility with a result of 1.5. Which option of treatment would you recommend as I am 35 and single? Should I expect to need drugs to stimulte ovaries?

  • IUI and husband's sperm?

    I'm going to have an IUI procedure done next week, the problem my husband has is antibodies in his sperm. Do you think an IUI will be successful? Many thanks

  • Trying with PCOS

    I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now and the only result I have had was a miscarriage. I am 26 and already have a three year old daughter which I conceived with no medication. I have now been taking clomid for 2 months. The first month the clomid made my period on time but this month it is late and no pregnancy. To top it off my husband has started travelling for two weeks every mo...

  • Investigation

    Can we have fertility investigations at your clinic? We have had bloods and semenanalysis with the GP but would need HSG or HyCoSy next.

  • I have undergone IUI 2 times but unsuccessful

    I am undergoing treatment for infertility. All parameters are normal only PCOD is reported. Twice I have undergone IUI, this month is third time. Now my doctor is suggesting that this time I should undergo IUI. If it fails then she will do a laproscopy and after that IVF. Should I try more through IUI or what else should I do?

  • IVF and ICSI

    Hello sir, could you please tell me how long this treatment will take? Thanks

  • Cyclogest

    Please professor, which route is better for cyclogest absorption post ET?

  • Embryo glue?

    Hi, I have been researching on the net regarding embryo glue and wanted to know if there are any risk factors. Please can you send me some or point me in the write direction as am aware you can't believe everything on the Internet. Thank you.

  • Requirements for ICSI treatment

    I know that some places have specific requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for treatment. These can include age, weight, and BMI, what are your requirements?

  • How old to have IVF?

    If I want IVF and want to pay, can I have it at any age?

  • Elective Single Embryo Transfer

    I will be almost 37 when we start our first round of IVF and I'm wondering about what would be best in terms of the number of embryos transferred. I understand all the risks associated with multiples but I also need to weigh that up against the cost implications. If we are fortunate enough to get embryos to blastocyst stage could you tell me what the success rate is for both single and double embr...

  • Frozen Embryo

    Hi. Can you please tell me how the clinic freeze leftover embryos? If you have 3 embryos remaining, are they frozen separately so they can be used for three separate FETs? Thank you

  • Infertility investigation

    Dear Dr Brian, thank you very much for your help. Could you please explain for me what is AMH OR Anti Mullerian Hormne. Is it possible to have it done under my GP care or only in private clinic? Many Thanks

  • Does Buserelin work for everyone?

    I'm concerned that the buserelin injections don't work on me. I started the injections on the 8th November, had a period as normal on the 17th first blood test 22nd then it all went down hill from there every time I went back my levels wernt low enough. I had to stop the injections on the 1st December because of the holidays but my concern is if I start them again in the New Year will they work? W...

  • Weight limit for treatment?

    I was wondering if you have a weight limit or BMI limit to having fertility treatment paying privately or via NHS funding?

  • Fertility treatment - gonadotrophin injection with clomid?

    I'm 40 years, have two kids, the youngest one is 4 years. I have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years. My tubes are open. My doctor gave me clomophine tablets100mg but there was no response. Then he put me on 150mg which help me to ovulate in two sequence months, then on the third month I failed to ovulate with very low progesterone level. Is it possible for me to have gonadotrophin ...

  • CGS - do you provide it?

    Is the new treatment CGH available at MFS and is it available to everyone?

  • Getting help in Northern Ireland

    I am 42 years of age and we have been trying to conceive for more than two years. I live in Northern Ireland. Can you please recommend an IVF private specialist? Thanks, Julie

  • Chance of conceiving through IUI?

    I am 38 and have had three failed IUI cycles. I ovulate regularly and all my initial pre treatment scans and tests are fine. I have been advised to wait for a laproscopy and then try again with Clomide. The only problem is that in waiting for the laproscopy I will have to miss three cycles. When I look at the odds of conceiving through IUI they are so low that I can't help but feel it's best to ke...

  • IUI conception rates

    Why are the odds of conceiving - with donor sperm - through IUI so low? It seems surprising when the timing is done to such perfection.

  • IVF failed... why?

    Hi, I have had IVF on the NHS but it failed. They said everything was fine when we had all investigations done so why do u think my embryo did not take?

  • Why does a FSH level of 8.0 mean IUI is not the best form of treatment?

    My wife has just undergone an IUI process through the NHS despite having a 2nd day FSH level of 8.0. I use the term despite due to the fact we have been told that we will be removed from the IUI process due to this FSH level and will have to undergo IVF. Why is this the case, and if the FSH level is such that IUI is not successful why did we have to go through the IUI if they knew it wouldn't be s...

  • Low AMH (0.5) - Diminished Ovarian Reserves

    Hi, I have an FSH of anything from 3.5 to 13 with an AMH of 0.5. I am 31 yrs old and have regular periods (28 day cycle). My husband's sperm is all normal. On my last IVF cycle - Short Antagonish 450iu Menopur (NHS Clinic) I managed to grow 3 follicles and at Egg collection got 2 mature eggs which didnt fertilise due to thick outer egg shell (the sperm did bond though). NHS have said they will d...

  • IVF following sterilisation

    I am a 32 year female sterilised at age 27. I would dearly like another child would IVF be possible?

  • ICSI cycles and early miscarriages

    I have had 3 fresh ICSI cycles which have resulted in early miscarriages what could be the problem and how and where can it be investigated?

  • One failed ICSI attempt

    A family friend who is 38, has had one failed ICSI attempt. her husband has sperm failure. She is asking for help and advice. Thank you

  • Support after ET

    Having now had 2 fresh ICSI long protocol cycles this year, both ending with no pregnancy, I was wondering about the cyclogest support after ET. On both occassions, I have started bleeding 9 days after embryo transfer. The first cycle was a Day 3 transfer, the second cycle I had 2 blastocyst embryos transferred. I will be starting my third ICSI at MFS in the next few months but I am worried that ...

  • IVF Treatment after sterilisation

    Hello, I am 37yrs old and was sterilised when I was 23. I have 2 older daughters from a previous relationship but I have been in a loving relationship for the last 3 years with a wonderful man but he is 10 yrs older than me. We would like to have a baby together. Can you please help me on which course of fertility would be best for us?

  • Natural FET transfer

    I have 2 frozen embryos (1 x8B and 1 x6C grade) which I would like to have transferred, but I'm concerned they don't have a chance due to early spotting in my cycle. The FET would be natural, as I had a reaction to the Buserelin. My cycle is around 26-28 days long, I ovulate on day 15 (blood tests confirm this) so I would potentially have the embryo transferred on day 19, my concern is I usually s...

  • IVF following miscarriage

    I have had three ICSI treatments on the NHS, the last of which was successful in July. Unfortunately I have just suffered a miscarriage at 6+5. I have heard that treatment soon after the miscarriage can be more successful as the body has been pregnant recently. Is this the case or should I wait for my body to recover?

  • Living abroad and seeking treatment in the UK

    I am living in Pakistan, how can I consult with the fertility experts at MFS and how can I take appointment for my treatment in the UK?

  • Vasectomy Reversal

    My husband had a vasectomy 6 years ago. After having 6 children, what are the chances of having it reversed and what are the procedures? I'm 34 and he's 38.

  • Transferral of frozen embryos?

    I have a beautiful daughter born through donor insemination with 2 more frozen embryos available. I had the treatment down south before I moved to the Lake District. Can frozen embryos be transferred to Manchester Fertility Services so I can have further treatment up here and if so, will the transfer affect the chance of success? Thank you

  • Failure of ICSI

    I have had the treatment of ICSI three times with no success. Is there a chance of a fourth attempt or was the third treatment my last opportunity?

  • IVF Straight After Clomid?

    How long would I have to wait after a period of taking clomid before I can start IVF? I have PCOS and my specialist seemed to think I'd need a break so that I wouldn't be at risk of OHSS.

  • IUI age group?

    I am a single woman working full time and I have been searching for information reguarding the age group for IUI. I found that the maximum age is up to 50 years but I can't seem to find a minimum age for the treatment, does this vary from clinic to clinic? I am 23 at the moment and I am looking into IUI with a sperm donor.

  • Natural and medicated frozen embryo transfer

    Is there any difference in success rates between a natural and medicated frozen embryo transfer?

  • IUI

    Hi Brian, i am 40 years old and my partner is 31, I have a daughter who is 23. M partner doesn't have any children. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. My partner has above average sperm. And I have had all the blood tests, smears, swabs, and ultrasounds, and a transvaginal scan. Everything came back excellent. I was told my follicles where very active, I had no blockages or lesions. ...

  • Chances of conceiving again through ICSI

    Hi I have had a successful ICSI pregnancy where I got lucky the third time and there is no problem with me just my husband who has a very low sperm count. I wanted to know what my chances were of conceiving through ICSI again would be. We're both aged 24.

  • NK Cells

    What are your thoughts on NK Cell testing do you think it would alter IVF outcome?

  • Blastocyst freezing

    How successful is blastocyst freezing, can the success rate drop when thawed?

  • Family balancing

    I have 3 daughters before and 5 c sections. I am looking for boy by PGD.My age 38. I am from pakistan. Do you offer IVF PGD ?

  • ICSI vs IVF

    I'm confused about ICSI vs IVF. You say "ICSI is used when the fertility problem is a result of sperm disorders. These can include a low sperm count", but then go on to say "ICSI is recommended for patients who have had previously had failed fertilisation with IVF". Is there a reason ICSI is not used as a first treatment? Is there a particular low sperm count threshold where ICSI would be used fir...

  • What's best?

    My partner had a vasectomy seven years ago, before we got together. I'm 21 and we are desperate to start our family. The treatment I have been looking into is artificial insemination but I'm wondering what the difference is between that and IUI, and what would be ideal for us.

  • Best infertility treatment?

    What’s the best infertility treatment for us? Will I need IVF?

  • What is ICSI?

    I know what IVF is, but what is ICSI?

  • Low AMH treatment option?

    I'm 32 and have been trying to conceive for three years. My AMH is 5.7 and follicle count on d5 is 5 on each ovary. Is this normal for d5 and with these results, what would be the best treatment option for me?

  • Treatment queries ICSI

    I am 29years and got a BMI of 39 lost 10kg in the last year its really hard to lose more weight with PCOS other wise i have got no any other problems everything is fine. My partner got low sperm level so the best is ICSI for us they told We trying 7years for baby now no treatment was taken ever its always saying lose weight and time just flys Is ICSI treatment still possible for us to start???...

  • Clomid

    Can I get clomid from the Manchester Clinic and how much does it cost?

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