Are you in a same-sex relationship and want to start a family?

7th October 2020 in Fertility, Treatments

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Are you in a same-sex relationship and wanting to start a family but don’t know where to begin?

Here at Manchester Fertility, our specialist team can offer you and your partner expert advice and a strong support network to start your journey to parenthood. 

According to HFEA, in 2018, 3.1% of females in a same-sex relationship were undergoing IVF treatment. The number of same-sex relationship couples receiving fertility treatment is gradually on the rise. With 30 years of experience, Manchester Fertility has supported the LGBTQ+ community every step of the way and continue to work to develop personalised treatment plans and help patients understand the process.

Fertility Treatments

By investing in the time, latest technologies and techniques, we have high success rates and we give our patients the best chance of having a baby by offering a treatment type that is best for you.

What treatments are available?

IVF with donor sperm
Your eggs are collected and fertilised with donor sperm in our state-of-the-art Manchester Fertility laboratory. We choose the best quality embryo to be replaced back into the woman’s womb. Any remaining embryos are stored until you are ready to grow your family.

Donor sperm insemination
Donated sperm is placed into your uterus during ovulation, then you can take a pregnancy test just two weeks later. 

Manchester Fertility has its own UK sperm donor bank, Semovo which you can guarantee continue support and expertise on choosing the right donor.

Partner IVF
Partner IVF is a treatment option which allows both partners to participate in creating a baby. One partner is the egg donor and she will have her eggs collected and fertilised with donor sperm. The other partner will have an embryo replaced and she will then carry the pregnancy. 

What our patients say

"Manchester Fertility have been amazing. Making that first phone call was the best decision we ever made. We knew straight away that the Manchester Fertility clinic was the place that would help us make our family."

"Being a same-sex couple, we were slightly apprehensive about our first appointments, and if we would be judged. I can hand on heart say - as soon as we walked into the reception area, we were greeted with the biggest welcome, which immediately washed away our fears."

Rachel & Jemma. See their full Patient Story here.


We don’t just provide fertility treatment, being one of the UK’s leading clinics one of our core beliefs is creating a strong patient support network for our patients’ fertility journey. We want you to feel comfortable in making the right choice for your treatment and having the trust in our experts. 

We offer lots of support and advice such as counselling, fertility support midwives and complimentary designed therapies. Here are just a few:

Counselling – Our fertility counsellors are here to discuss anything to help you through your journey as we know how emotional it can be for you and your partner. See our counsellors on our Team page here.

Support group – by joining our support group it will help you connect with other Manchester Fertility patients that are experiencing how you may be feeling as they are on the same or a similar journey to you. 

Complimentary therapies – Reflexology, diet and nutrition and acupuncture are services that we can assist you with as we know they bring a positive approach to your treatment. 

We understand there is a lot to consider when starting a family with your partner and with three decades of experience and our professional experts we can help provide the best treatments to help you along this exciting journey of becoming parents.

If you would like to start your journey you can contact us either by booking a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your most suitable option and what treatments are available in more detail or on 0161 300 2737.

Last updated: 7th October 2020