National Fertility Awareness Week: Coping with Childlessness through Counselling

4th November 2016 in Infertility

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Why is counselling something that’s included in your fertility treatment? You might not think you need it, but many couples that undergo IVF and other treatments find it invaluable.

In the fourth blog of our special series for National Fertility Awareness Week, we explain why professional support is so important when coping with childlessness.

Counselling: trying to conceive and beyond

Counselling is there to support you on your fertility journey. And when we say journey, we aren’t talking about just your treatment process with us. We mean the moment you started trying for a family, before you even came through our doors.

In the time leading up to treatment with us, most couples have been coping with their fertility issues alone. And all the emotional and psychological issues that go with childlessness and infertility.

It’s not uncommon for us to welcome couples that have spent months and months trying to conceive, hiding their problems from family and friends, hoping that maybe, next month, they’ll be successful. They may have suffered miscarriages. Often, feelings aren’t shared between each other, for fear of causing upset. Or amongst family members, for fear of causing worry.

So for many, actually starting treatment is a big relief. It means you’ll finally get some answers, leaving you both looking forward to the future with positivity instead of worrying about childlessness. There is proven help, delivered by a supportive, friendly yet professional team that can give you your baby.

Expert fertility therapy from a caring team

When you do start treatment at Manchester Fertility, you can be reassured that from the very first moment, there’s someone who is there to listen. Someone impartial, who understands exactly what you’ve gone through, who you can talk to without judgement about all your feelings and everything that’s happened up until now.

Our counsellors have many years of expertise in fertility therapy and its complicated emotional effects, which are so very unique for every one of our patients. Everything you ever discuss is in complete confidence – never shared with your clinic team or your partner if you’re having counselling alone.

Counselling when you need it

You can see our counsellors at any point in your journey. It’s mandatory to see our therapy team if you’re using donor sperm or donor eggs to conceive, to ensure you fully understand the implications and your rights, and those of any child you have.

Counselling is also especially important if you’ve had a failed cycle or previous miscarriage, which happen to so many women but are so often hidden. What’s most important to us is that you never face your infertility alone. We are here to fully support you in every decision you make, so that you can proceed with confidence.

Find out more

Find out more about our fertility counselling and meet our counsellors. If you’d like our help to have a family, we have no waiting list for consultations. Apply online and we’ll book you in. Or call our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737.

In our final blog for National Fertility Awareness Week, we’ll talk about secondary infertility and the struggle to conceive after successful IVF or natural conception.


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