I Love My Job - Keith McEvoy - Senior Embryologist

1st October 2018 in I Love My Job

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Keith McEvoy had always aimed for a career in Neuroscience. But a university project on fertility led to a fascination with IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technology. As an Embryologist, he’s combining his passion for science with life-changing work that makes pregnancy dreams come true for Manchester Fertility patients.

A clinic laboratory is one area patients never get to see. What goes on behind those doors?

Although it’s very clinical, it’s actually a fast-paced, exciting place to be. This is where the ‘magic’ happens, the very beginning of life. We all do our best – using all the latest scientific techniques – to make it happen for our patients. It’s great when patients have nice embryos to transfer and freeze!

What do you think makes you a good Embryologist?

Well obviously good fertilisation rates and good embryo development! Which means more pregnancies and babies for our patients. I’m constantly thinking two steps ahead – how something we do will affect patients later down the line.

Any plans to further your personal skills?

As a senior Embryologist I have a high level of responsibility in the lab, which means you never stop learning. Science is advancing all the time, which means new techniques, technologies and methods of embryo selection. I’m going to start biopsy training soon - which will be the final touch to my training.

It’s also amazing to help people in all circumstances to conceive, in particular same-sex and surrogate patients. Manchester Fertility specialises in donor conception where as my previous clinic was not donor-centric at all.

What do you think patients need to bear in mind when starting fertility treatment?

It’s massively life-changing and can be tough, but the outcome is worth it! It requires serious commitment and a strong partnership if coming through treatment with a significant other. Especially when using donor sperm or donor eggs. Fortunately Manchester Fertility has a great support network for patients, which makes it a lot easier.

Is working in the lab a very serious environment?

In a way yes, because we never lose sight of the importance of what we’re trying to achieve. But we have great teamwork and morale, not just in the lab but also throughout the whole clinic. It’s something patients notice as soon as they walk in the door, and it makes a real difference to patient experience.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a scientist through and through! Part extrovert, part eccentric!

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