I Love My Job - Anne Hurleston - Ultrasonographer

1st October 2018 in I Love My Job

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Helping dreams come true is the best part of being an ultrasonographer for Anne Hurleston. With over 27 years of ultrasound experience, she was ‘smitten’ with this specialist technological area of medicine from an early age.

Why did you choose sonography, and to specialise in fertility?

I almost didn’t do sonography at all! I was originally interested in radiography at school, but then I spent two weeks work experience in an ultrasound department. I realised this was what I wanted to do, completing a post-grad course in Medical Ultrasound some years later – which I adored! In any ultrasound department gynaecology is a big part of it, and being involved in someone’s journey to parenthood is an absolute privilege for me.

It must take some unique skills to be a sonographer. What special qualities do you have?

Empathy is the biggest factor you need to have in this job, everyone’s story is different and not all outcomes are the same. I’m here to reassure and support you at what can be a very anxious time. I’ll always explain to you what I’m seeing when I do your scan. I do feel that if you understand the ultrasound images, and what they’re showing me, it helps you feel more at ease.

Any clinical achievements to date you’d like to share?

Keeping up to date with technology can be a challenge as things change all the time. But at Manchester Fertility we’re very lucky in that we’ve invested in the latest 3D gynaecology ultrasound system, which I’m really honoured to use. I’m also involved in training student sonographers, midwives and doctors. I’m accredited with the Health Professionals Council and certified with the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

Describe what it’s like to work at Manchester Fertility…

One of the best things about Manchester Fertility is that I’m part of team that’s professional but really friendly. It sounds corny I know, but that was my first impression of the clinic team when I started working here nearly three years ago, and it still is! I think it’s one of the reasons patients feel so comfortable under our care.

What do you get up to outside of fertility clinic life?

I love hanging out with family and friends with good food…and good wine! When I retire from ultrasound I’d love to work a ski season sorting chalets in the morning and skiing in the afternoon!

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