I Love My Job - Samantha Slack - Donor Programme Team Leader

1st October 2018 in I Love My Job

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It’s a privilege for Samantha Slack to help patients who are relying on donor sperm or donor eggs to have a baby. As Donor Programme Team Leader, she ensures patient and sperm and egg donor journeys are seamless and stress-free.

Manchester Fertility is a very donor-focused clinic – what is it about your role that appeals to you the most?

Treatment with donor eggs or donor sperm needs a very co-ordinated, meticulous approach – which suits me, as this is where my strengths lie! Patients need to feel they are in trusted and safe hands, especially when they’re relying on the generosity of someone else to have a baby. You need to know that everything’s going to happen exactly when it should, at exactly the right time. My Management Practice qualifications certainly come in very useful! 

Why is working with donors and recipient patients so special to you?

Some patients know they need donor eggs or donor sperm, but for many others it can come as a complete surprise. Needing the help of a donor can be hugely emotional, and create a lot of questions and anxieties. To be able to offer people a solution, a different way to have a baby, is just wonderful. And I love supporting our egg and sperm donors. They’re such incredible, generous people.

It must be hugely satisfying when recipient patients become pregnant?

Absolutely, we form very close relationships with our patients – and our donors – on the Donation Team. We’re all emotionally invested in your journey and your outcome, so it’s just the best news to hear that someone’s pregnant, especially when they thought they had no hope. And then to see them again with their new baby is always a huge high for us all.

Why do you think Manchester Fertility is such a popular clinic for people who need donor sperm or donor eggs?

One of the first things people worry about is finding a sperm or egg donor, there’s always the assumption that there aren’t any or there’s a long wait. But we’re fortunate that we have UK sperm and egg donors ready, and that’s because we give our sperm and egg donors outstanding personal care. People come to us to donate their sperm or eggs over other clinics, because they know we really value them and the gift they’re giving.

You must support a diverse range of patients working in the Donation Team?

We support single women, lesbian couples, gay men who need egg donors, couples with male fertility issues, older women who need donor eggs – everyone’s story is unique, but they all need the help of donors. It really brings it home, the difference egg and sperm donation makes to so many people.

When you’re not supporting patients and donors, what do you like to do?

I have two wonderful children and a fiancé, so family takes up a lot of my time! I’m also really lucky to have a great circle of friends, one of whom has been by my side since we were children. I also have a slight obsession with shopping, clothes and shoes especially!

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