IVF With Donor Eggs: Personal Support At Every Stage

17th March 2017 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Using donor eggs to have a baby is often a highly sensitive and personal decision. And whilst all Manchester Fertility patients benefit from our personal approach, our years of expertise in IVF with donor eggs has shown us that using donor eggs carries special emotional significance for everyone involved.

So it’s vital to us that women who need donor eggs are additionally supported throughout the treatment journey.

When you come to us for IVF with donor eggs – for which we have no waiting list - you can be assured that our focus is to not only give you the highest chance of a baby, but to take care of you every step of the way.

As a Manchester Fertility IVF with donor eggs patient, you can expect:

A stress-free cycle: Your cycle will be expertly timed to ensure your donor eggs are ready at exactly the right stage in your IVF cycle. With a choice of fresh or frozen UK donor eggs, we co-ordinate every part of the treatment process so it’s seamless and stress-free for you.

As many of our IVF patients travel considerable distance to us to access our UK donor egg bank and benefit from our expertise, we do everything we can to streamline the treatment journey, including offering online Zoom consultations and online counselling with our counsellors for your convenience.

An open treatment process: We know how important it is for all of our patients to feel involved and informed in the treatment process. So you’re given your own unique patient portal, an online hub where you can keep track of your results and appointments, so you know exactly where you’re up to at all times.

You can also be assured of our expert care for your donor eggs and resulting embryos in our Laboratory, through our Electronic Witnessing technology which adds extra safety reassurance that only your test results, donor eggs, sperm and embryos can be used in your treatment.

Your own dedicated Donation Team:We have a dedicated egg donation team to support women who need donor eggs at every stage of treatment, and also women who donate eggs to us altruistically and throughegg-sharing.

Help to choose your ideal egg donor:All of our egg donors are healthy, fertile UK women aged 18-35, who are fully identifiable and traceable to any child you have. They all complete highly detailed personal profiles, including personal goodwill messages. And as our dedicated Donation Team get to know all of our egg donors well, they can give you added personal insight to help you choose the right egg donor for you.

Tailored counselling:You’ll be given counselling by our expert team to discuss the implications of using an egg donor. We’ll explain to you your rights, including your right to find out via the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) if your child has any genetically-related brothers and sisters from the same egg donor. And also the right of your child to find out who their egg donor is in future, and how you may want to explain to your child how they came to be conceived. So you can look forward to your future as a family with confidence.

Theatre support & emergency care: Whilst it’s normal to be nervous about your embryo transfer day, our clinic theatre team will be by your side to look after you. Post-transfer on our private ward, you’ll be cared for by our team of Fertility Nurses. You’ll only leave our care if we’re happy you are well with full follow-up instructions to reassure you over the coming days before your pregnancy test, including details of our manned 24/7 emergency helpline.

Early pregnancy guidance: Our in-house specialist Fertility Support Midwife, Lynsey Moorhead, helps you through the ‘two-week wait’ before you can take your pregnancy test, and through the earliest stages of pregnancy if your test is positive. She arranges your first ultrasound scan in our clinic to confirm your pregnancy, and a seamless transfer of your care to your local NHS maternity services.

Donor Eggs IVF in Cheshire and Manchester

You’ll only ever receive a complete care pathway when you have donor eggs IVF at Manchester Fertility. We offer IVF up to the age of 50, with the option of a Donor Eggs IVF Refund package for women aged up to 48.

If you’d like to have your family with us, call 0161 300 2737 or book a free one to one with one of our Patient Advisors to get started. It’s an informal, no obligation non-medical appointment where you can ask any questions you have in private.

You can also come and meet us at the Fertility Show Manchester next week, 25-26 March. Book your tickets here.

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