How we can help if you can't get NHS IVF

18th September 2014 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Update 09/02/16: Access Fertility has revised its pre-paid IVF plans since this content was published. Please click here to find out more.

Are you denied NHS IVF where you live? New data shows that more and more GP-led Clinical Commissioning Groups, which dictate where your local health budgets are spent, are ignoring guidelines and denying eligible people the recommended three cycles of IVF on the NHS, or only offering one or two cycles.

Freedom of Information figures show that 23% of CCGs in England offered eligible patients the full, recommended three cycles of IVF in 2013. This year, it has dropped to 18%, as GP’s and CCG’s struggle to cope with the increasing demands on the healthcare they can provide on their budgets.

So what can you do if your local CCG won’t fund your IVF or only offers you one attempt at treatment?

Transfer your NHS IVF to a private IVF clinic

If you are eligible but only get one or two cycles, make sure that you are 100% happy to have your NHS treatment at the clinic you’ll be referred to. Because it is possible for you to ask for this funding to be transferred to a private clinic instead such as to our team at Manchester Fertility, which may have higher success rates for your particular diagnosis, or specialised technology and expertise to help you conceive.

We have tips on how you can ask for your NHS IVF funding to be transferred here and our team is highly experienced in helping patients to do this successfully.

Egg-share for cheaper private IVF

If you aren’t eligible for NHS IVF at all because of strict criteria your CCG imposes, then have you considered egg-sharing? If you’re aged 35 and under in good health, then you may be eligible to egg-share and receive a private cycle of IVF with us for just £870.

Fund private IVF via a pre-pay, Multi-Cycle or Refund programme

If you’re not able to egg-share because of age or health issues, we do have funding options in place to help you secure private IVF treatment. Our Access Fertility programme is the first in the UK to give you a money-back guarantee for your IVF/ICSI treatment and is available for patients aged up to 37; you can also opt for the Multi-Cycle package which is open to all patients aged 42 and under.

The Access Fertility funding programmes we offer are designed to give you the maximum chance of success with multiple IVF/ICSI cycles and additional benefits such as EmbryoScope included.

The programmes are offered completely independently of our clinical treatment decisions by Access Fertility. This impartial approach means we can offer you funding options with complete transparency, unlinked to the commercial performance of our clinic for your peace of mind.

Get in touch with our friendly Patient Advisors today on 0161 300 2737 for a no obligation, informal chat about how we can help you have a family. You can start treatment with us straight away, even if you need a donor egg or donor sperm – we have no waiting lists.

Last updated: 20th January 2020