Choosing an IVF Clinic: Six Key Things to Consider

12th April 2018 in Advice

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Choosing an IVF clinic is one of the biggest decisions you can make. But how do you know which fertility clinic is really the right one for you?

Choice should be based on the treatment experience as a whole – not just the medical aspect and success rate. Because of the emotional and personal nature of fertility treatment, the care and support you receive, the clinic environment and the compassion of the clinic team are just as important.

Here are six key things to consider when researching where to go for treatment:

1. Locality

Clinic location can matter as you’ll be making a lot of visits. If your preferred clinic isn’t too close, are they prepared to streamline the process? At Manchester Fertility we can offer Zoom consultations and counselling, to minimise travel for our out-of-area patients.

2. Transparency

Transparency should be at the core of everything a clinic does. Prices with no hidden extras, success rates that are clearly explained, why your specific treatment is likely to work for you, your chance of pregnancy and the benefits of any ‘add-ons’ you’re offered.

3. Support and care

There’s support and then there’s exceptional support. What does the clinic offer you? At Manchester Fertility we’re here when you need us, 24/7. All patients have our emergency contact details. We also offer midwifery support for early pregnancy reassurance as well as specialist counselling, diet and nutrition and acupuncture complementary therapy support for mind and body wellness.

4. Treatment expertise

Does the clinic offer a wide range of treatments and the specialist help you need from an expert consultant team? What about advanced techniques and innovations – are they proven or considered ‘experimental’?

5. Administration

For a stress-free treatment journey there needs to be an effective and seamless administrative function. How will the clinic communicate with you? As a Manchester Fertility patient you’re given your own online Patient Portal and educational tool, so you can track your treatment and learn more about it anytime. Our personalised App, linked to our clinic system, provides medication reminders, appointment alerts and secure messaging with our team simply and securely.

6. Accreditations

Fertility clinics in the UK are regulated by the HFEA, which makes sure clinics adhere to the highest standards of treatment and patient care – how does the clinic measure up?

Manchester Fertility currently has a top HFEA rating and patient rating, along with ISO Quality Management and Information Security system certification. We’re also a National Gamete Donation Trust Centre of Excellence for egg and sperm donation.

But what about success rates?

The HFEA advises caution when comparing clinic success rates. Success rates are designed to give an overall indication of clinic performance – they are no guarantee of success for you because every patient is unique. If you’re looking at success rates, always use HFEA data – not what a clinic self-publishes.

Find out more

The HFEA has plenty of advice and guidance about how to choose a clinic. But there’ s no better way to know if a clinic is right for you than to visit.

So book in for a free 1-2-1 at Manchester Fertility. We can give you a private tour of our clinic and answer any questions you have about treatment with us.

Last updated: 17th August 2020