Being Told You Need Donor Eggs: Starting Treatment, Support & Advice

1st April 2017 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

If you’ve been advised that donor eggs give you the best chance of a baby, it can be a difficult diagnosis to accept, especially if you’re also told that there’s a long waiting list for donor eggs.

At Manchester Fertility, we have immediate availability for UK donor eggs. And a strong professional and personal support programme in place right from the start, to help guide you through this very special way to have your family.

Accepting you need to use donor eggs

Whilst using donor eggs is a common way to have a baby, it can still be hard to cope with being told your only hope of a baby is through egg donor conception. Through our many years of helping infertile couples, we have great understanding of the emotional impact it can have on both partners.

You may worry about the fact that the child won’t be genetically related to you, and if you’ll bond with a child conceived this way. All of these worries are perfectly normal.

What’s important to focus on is that modern advanced treatments and technologies – and the generosity of women kind enough to donate their eggs – has given you a different way to have your baby.

Treatment with donor eggs: Counselling help

Counselling is an invaluable part of the treatment process for all our patients and couples who need donor eggs. You’ll be referred for counselling when you start your treatment journey with us, with our British Infertility Counselling Association-accredited clinic team.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk through any anxieties you have about using donor eggs. Our counsellors are highly-experienced and have helped reassure many couples, so they can look forward to the future with positivity as a family.

Your counselling sessions also address all the implications of using donor eggs, including the rights which your child has when they reach 18 to find out who their egg donor is, if they wish to know. All Manchester Fertility egg donors are identifiable, giving your child the opportunity to learn about their genetic origins.

Our counsellors are available to you anytime to you need to talk, you’re not just limited to the two sessions that are included in your treatment. You can see our counsellors on your own, or with your partner.

All sessions are private and confidential – nothing that is discussed is shared with your consultant and clinic team.

IVF with Donor Eggs: No waiting list in Manchester and Cheshire

Manchester Fertility is one of the only fertility clinics in the country to be able to offer immediate treatment with donor eggs. Whilst many clinics operate long waiting lists for donor eggs – in the North West some are as long as two years – you can start your family without delay with us.

You can choose either IVF with fresh donor eggs or frozen donor eggs from our egg donor bank, both of which have strong success rates.

We will give you an extensive choice of health-screened, identifiable UK egg donors who donate to us through our award-winning Manchester Donors programme. All of the women who donate to us are aged 18-35, have been implications counselled themselves and have completed detailed donor profiles.

Dedicated Donation Team Support

Our dedicated Donation Team was established to give women who need donor eggs and their partners extra support throughout the different stages of the treatment process, including egg donor selection. Our team gets to know all of our egg donors well, and so can give you personal insight when you’re making your choice.

Once you’ve decided on the traits and characteristics you’d like your egg donor to have, we’ll match your requirements to available egg donors.

Having a baby with donor eggs: Money-back guarantee

At Manchester Fertility we also offer a funding plan that gives you a money-back guarantee. The Donor Egg IVF Money-Back Plan includes up to three cycles of discounted IVF treatment with us, with a guarantee of six eggs per cycle from your chosen Manchester Fertility egg donor to help you conceive.

If you don’t have a live birth after all of the three included cycles and associated embryo transfers are complete, you will receive up to 70% of your plan fees back.

Having a family with the help of an egg donor

If you’d like to discuss having a baby using donor eggs with us, speak to our dedicated Donation Team for more information on 0161 300 2737.



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