A Leading UK Fertility Clinic for Treatment with Donor Eggs

24th January 2018 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that Manchester Fertility is one of the UK’s most experienced and specialist clinics for treatment with donor eggs?

With our own award-winning egg donor programme that guarantees immediate access to UK donor eggs and years of expertise at the forefront of donor eggs conception offering supported, innovative and successful bespoke treatment, we can put your mind at ease if you have any concerns at all about having a baby with the help of an egg donor.

Counselling support

All patients using donor eggs are given comprehensive counselling with our professional, accredited counselling team before treatment takes place.

It’s not because we don’t think you’re coping with needing to use donor eggs, it’s so you both have someone you can talk to in private and in confidence, who understands how you feel and can reassure you. It’s also so we can address all the unique implications of using donor eggs to conceive, not just for you but your child.

When you have treatment with us we’re all here to support you, so you can look forward to having your baby together.

Using donor eggs: Typical concerns and our reassurance

It’s perfectly normal to have some anxieties about using donor eggs, particularly the emotional issues such as:

Finding the perfect egg donor match:Remember when it comes to choosing your egg donor, we get to know you and your partner well. Which means we’ll have a good understanding of the type of egg donor you’re looking for.

And as we personally know our egg donors too, as they’re all from our own egg donor programme, we’re best placed to confidently find you the best match. Because of our comprehensive and selective egg donor process, you can be reassured that all our egg donors are compassionate, committed and motivated to help you conceive.

Revealing origins and traceability: Using donor eggs means you’ll one day have to make the decision to explain to your child how they came to be born. We encourage this to be an open and honest process as soon as you feel the time is right – telling children about their origins is something we’ll address with you in counselling. Your child will have the reassurance that their egg donor is identifiable and traceable if they ever want to know who she is, and can even find out if they have any donor-conceived siblings. It’s one of the biggest advantages of using a UK egg donor.

Start treatment with donor eggs

We’re one of the only clinics to offer funding that gives you a money-back guarantee if you don’t have a baby through treatment with donor eggs.

Book here to meet one of our team for a free, private 1-2-1 to find out more about our egg donors, treatments and funding options – you’re under no obligation to start treatment.

Call 0161 300 2737 to start treatment or self-refer online. You can have treatment with us up to the age of 50 and as a private clinic we welcome patients from across the UK.

You can also come and meet our team and learn more about treatment and our egg donors at the Fertility Show Manchester, 24-25 March at Manchester Central. Reserve your tickets here, we’re on stand B10 all weekend.


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