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  1. 29 Nov 2017

    Have a Baby in 2018 Using Donor Eggs

    Posted: 29 November 2017
    Have a Baby in 2018 Using Donor Eggs

    Do you want to have a baby next year but need donor eggs to make it happen?

    If you start treatment now at Manchester Fertility, this time next year you could be holding your baby – or be well on the way to giving birth.

    That’s because we don’t have a waiting list for UK donor eggs. Frozen UK donor eggs are available immediately, ready in our donor egg bank at our Cheshire fertility clinic.

    And even if you choose a fresh donor eggs cycle, we have healthy and fertile UK egg donors waiting to be matched with you too, with only a short delay whilst your IVF cycle and the donation cycle of your chosen egg donor is synchronised.

    Continuous donor eggs treatment over Christmas

    Many people may put off starting IVF and fertility treatment this close to Christmas, waiting until the New Year. But at Manchester Fertility we don’t close over the festive season.

    We’re open all the way through except for Christmas Day. And even then we’ll still have our expert team in the clinic taking care of your eggs, embryos and sperm in our laboratory, making sure all tests and results are processed as normal.

    So your treatment carries on continuously, with no delays.

    Financing treatment with donor eggs

    If you’re worried about funding treatment with donor eggs, and the financial uncertainty of fertility treatment, we can help.

    We’re the first UK fertility clinic to offer women using donor eggs a money-back guarantee, through Access Fertility’s IVF with Donor Eggs Refund Plan.

    Open to women aged up to 48, you’ll receive up to three cycles of IVF with a guarantee of six donor eggs per cycle, at a fixed discounted price. If you don’t have a live birth after all cycles and embryo transfers are completed, you’ll receive a refund of 70% of plan fees.

    Or you can choose to fund treatment traditionally, paying for treatment as it’s needed with the reassurance of transparent pricing and no hidden extras.

    However you choose to pay for private fertility treatment with donor eggs at Manchester Fertility, you can start treatment with us straight away.

    Treatment with donor eggs in Manchester & Cheshire

    Start your journey to having your baby in 2018. Speak to our friendly Donation Team on 0161 300 2734 to book in for a free, no obligation private 1-2-1 to chat through your options and find out more about our UK egg donors. You can also self-refer online.


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