Unexplained Infertility

My partner and I conveived our son 4 years ago within about 4 months of trying. It then took 2 years to get pregnant again but I miscarried at 8 weeks. We have been trying again for 7 months with no success. I had chlamidia approx 10 years ago which was diagnosed within a few weeks - could this now be having an effect on my fertility? What would you suggest as next steps?

Our Expert's Answer

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If your Chlamydia infection was followed by pregnancies it is less likely it would affect your chances. I don’t know your age as it may affect your egg quality which is a common reason to see delayed conception. If you are under 35, I would advise at least 12 months of trying to conceive naturally before seeking further help. At this stage you should monitor your ovulations using home ovulation predictor kit (available from chemists) and record them together with your menstrual cycle. Your partner needs semen analysis which is generally available through your GP. If you are over age 35 it is advised to check your ovarian egg reserve via blood test and ultrasound scan. This is another indicator of fertility and possible treatment options. We run Fertility MOT clinic at Manchester Fertility when semen analysis, ultrasound scan and blood test are offered together with fertility consultation.