Worried About Donor Treatment Counselling? Why It's Here to Help

24th June 2019 in Treatments

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donor conception counselling

Being referred for your counselling session when you are having donor treatment does not mean you have ‘problems’. It means you are getting the additional support that is really needed when you are using a donor, because of its special implications.

Here’s what you need to know about donor conception and counselling so you can see why it is so valued by our patients using donor eggs or donor sperm:

Why is counselling only mandatory for donor treatment?

There are all kinds of things you need to think about when using a donor.

Such as how you might tell your child in future how they came to be born, what you will be able to tell them, what rights they have to find their donor and what rights you have as the parent. Counselling helps you to understand all of that, so you can be confident and informed.

And it also helps you with the donor decision. Although some people know that they need a donor before they start treatment, for others it can be a shock. Counselling makes sure you feel positive about having your family this way.

I’m worried that I might say the wrong thing?

Counselling is not about catching you out or right or wrong answers – it is only about supporting you. You will not be quizzed or judged about your decision to use a donor or any doubts you have. Our friendly and compassionate counsellors are here to help and put you at ease. They have many years of experience in supporting our patients using donor sperm and donor eggs.

How many sessions will I have?

You will have one initial session and can be referred for more if you feel you need it, at any stage of treatment. Counselling either happens over Zoom from the privacy of your home, or face to face in our clinic –wherever is best for you. Partners are included too.

When does counselling happen?

Counselling happens before any treatment takes place, so you can give your informed consent to using a donor. It’s a positive and great opportunity to talk through your situation, how you feel about using a donor and get impartial advice and support for donor-conceived family matters, now and in the future.

Counselling: Meet our team

Meet our friendly counsellors and learn more about their expertise. If you have any questions about counselling, talk to our Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737. To start treatment with us, contact our team or self-refer online.


Last updated: 17th August 2020