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27th February 2019 in IVF

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IVF doctor Manchester Cheshire

How do you find the right IVF doctor for you? Your fertility consultant is one of the key people in your IVF journey.

Your doctor uses their expertise to plan every aspect of your IVF cycle. They decide on the specific treatment you will have, the tests you will need and any additional procedures that may be necessary to help you have a baby.

But it is not just the ability to treat your specific fertility issue that matters. Compassion, empathy and having a doctor that genuinely cares is just as important too.

If you are looking for a fertility doctor, here are a few facts about the Manchester Fertility consultant team:

Our doctors are highly-qualified fertility specialists

All of our doctors are experts in the field of fertility and IVF. Most of our team began their careers qualifying as Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists, before choosing to complete additional medical fellowships, research and extensive training focused specifically on reproductive medicine.

This means they not only have thorough understanding of reproductive health, conception and pregnancy, but all types of fertility issues and treatments.

Our doctors have specialist skills in IVF and fertility

Many of our IVF doctors also have areas of ‘special interest’. This means that they have chosen a specific fertility issue, procedure or treatment to investigate and research, to help improve patient outcomes.

Areas of special interest amongst the Manchester Fertility consultant team include recurrent miscarriage, PCOS, endometriosis, embryo implantation failure, embryo genetic health and sperm problems.

Our doctor team includes male fertility specialists

Male infertility and sperm issues can be complex, which can often mean the need for specialist help. We not only have male fertility consultants on our team, but also a Consultant Urologist, which is a doctor that is focused solely on male reproductive health. It is why we are one of the UK’s top IVF clinics for the treatment of male infertility.

Our doctors are always learning

Did you know that our doctors regularly write and publish research papers in global medical journals, as well as lecturing and sharing their IVF expertise with fellow specialists in the medical world? IVF is a field that is always evolving through new techniques and innovations. Our team is at the forefront, examining the science, evidence and effectiveness, so you can always trust your treatment.

Our doctors make our patients happy

“Outstanding knowledge”, “true empathy” and “couldn’t have hoped for a better doctor” are just some of the great comments made by our patients about our doctors on independent online review site, Doctify. Our consultants have over 300 top-rated reviews, see what our patients say here.

Meet our IVF doctors

Learn more about our IVF doctors on our Meet the Team page, where you can find out about our team’s qualifications, areas of expertise and more.

If you would like to book an IVF consultation, there is no waiting list. Call our friendly Patient Advisors to get started on 0161 300 2737 or complete our online IVF self-referral form and we will be in touch.

Some of our doctor team will also be at next month’s Fertility Show at Manchester Central (23-24 March). Come and say hello, we will be at stand B10.


Last updated: 27th February 2019