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14th June 2022 in Male fertility

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Manchester Fertility | Men's Health Week


This week is Men’s Health Week, from 13th-19th June, which aims to raise awareness of the health issues that particularly affect men. It encourages all men to learn about the different health conditions they may experience in life and how important it is to communicate with others.


What’s on your mind?

One of the most common problems affecting men is mental well-being. Often, this could be due to concerns about fertility issues. With an estimated 1 in 7 couples having difficulty conceiving.


This can be made worse by the fact that many men are reluctant to discuss their problems and often think it’s something that only happens to other people. This builds a wall of silence, leaving men who are experiencing the problem feeling isolated.

At Manchester Fertility we take positive action to ensure that men with fertility problems don’t feel this way, but instead feel fully understood and supported.



Fertility issues can affect anyone

Did you know that male fertility is actually the most common reason for couples to seek fertility treatment?


Typical issues affecting male infertility include:

  • Blockages or absence of tubes affecting the transport of sperm
  • Issues with sperm production resulting in no sperm, low sperm count or abnormal sperm shape
  • Hormonal problems, present at birth or caused by lifestyle issues such as steroid use, which affect sperm production


A number of male celebrities have gone public about how their fertility issues has impacted their lives – and they’ve urged other men to speak about it.


In most cases, fertility issues can be resolved with the right diagnosis, support and treatment. So, if you’re worried about fertility or know someone who is, Men’s Health Week is the perfect time to take a closer look at the issues around it and how Manchester Fertility can help.


Male Fertility Assessment

If you and your partner have been trying for a baby and are having trouble conceiving, a male fertility assessment could put your mind at rest. It can also be helpful if you’re planning to start a family soon and want to check your current fertility health.


Our male fertility assessments are confidential and can involve just yourself or you and your partner. The assessment will be carried out by our specialist  fertility team  at our award-winning clinic.


As part of the consultation process, a sample of your sperm will be analysed to determine your ability to conceive and identify any potential problems. The doctor will then advise if any action is needed.


We’ve been creating families for over 35 years and are leaders in our field. From our transparent, patient-focused approach to our warm and friendly expert team, we are committed to your wellbeing and provide the highest standard of care possible. 


Male Reproductive Health

Manchester Fertility has its own dedicated reproductive health service for men, providing expert medical advice and support. Its specific purpose is to advise on the different options available for those who are seeking fertility treatment or planning to start a family soon.


Our fertility specialists can help you understand:

  • Your current fertility – a thorough fertility assessment and physical examination
  • Your future fertility – how your lifestyle may be affecting your reproductive health
  • How to maintain your sexual health – preventing STIs and contraception
  • Sexual dysfunction – erectile and ejaculatory disorders


Wherever possible, we try to prevent problems arising in the first place through a programme of screening, advice, awareness and education.


If your assessment recommends treatment, such as surgical sperm removal or a SpermComet DNA damage test, our expert team will explain openly and honestly what’s involved, and how to take the next steps.



Our welcoming patient-focused approach

We understand that every patient is unique, so we make sure that patient care is individual to each and every one of our patients.


From the moment you contact Manchester Fertility, you’ll receive the warmest possible welcome from our friendly and understanding team.


This starts with our new patient coordinator team and in-patient team, to our doctors, consultants and nurses that you meet along the way. Our whole team of experts completely understand what you’re going through and will put you at ease, making every step of your journey as easy as possible.


The highly qualified doctors that you’ll meet here are leaders in the field of male reproductive health and have a wide range of experience. Their specialities cover the diagnosis and treatment of sperm issues and male fertility health problems, from low sperm count to urological issues which require a surgical solution.



Meet our  dedicated fertility specialiststhe experts in male fertility and reproductive health.

  • Dr Vaibhav Modgil  A highly qualified specialist in men’s reproductive health, Vaibhav’s expertise includes male factor infertility, erectile dysfunction, and penile reconstructive surgery. 
  • Dr Steve Bromage  A urological surgeon and member of British Fertility Society, Steve is highly-skilled in microscopic surgery for intricate procedures such as vasectomy reversal.


Counselling and Support

We understand fertility treatment can be emotionally and physically challenging, and we continue to support you at every stage. Our experienced fertility counsellors are always on hand to listen impartially, with understanding and empathy.


Male Fertility Expertise: Manchester Fertility

If you’re worried about male fertility issues – or have any specific questions – call our friendly New Patient Co-ordinator team on  0161 300 2737  or  book an appointment  online.



Last updated: 14th June 2022