What is a Male Fertility Review?

12th June 2023 in Male fertility

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Male infertility is a common issue, affecting approximately 40-50% of all cases of infertility in the UK and can be attributed to many causes which are often modifiable. Sperm health can be affected by lifestyle, age, medical conditions, chemicals, stress, and temperature. 

With so many potential causes, it's essential to see a male reproductive health consultant or urologist to get a professional diagnosis and appropriate lifestyle or treatment options for male infertility. At Manchester Fertility, we have two specialist consultants, Mr Steve Bromage and Mr Vaibhav Modgil, who are expert practitioners in these areas and can assess your fertility health by conducting a male fertility review.

What is a Male Fertility Review? 

A male fertility review at Manchester Fertility is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of a man's (or those assigned male at birth) reproductive health. As it's more in-depth than a simple semen analysis, we generally see patients for a fertility review when a couple is experiencing difficulties conceiving and is thinking about seeking fertility treatment to father a child.

A male fertility review is also commonly known as a male fertility assessment or fertility evaluation.

What is included in a Male Fertility Review? 

A male fertility review includes an assessment of any potential factors that could impact fertility. A series of tests assessing reproductive health are performed before seeing the consultant. The review consists of the following:

  • A semen analysis
  • Testicular ultrasound
  • Hormone blood tests
  • A health check, including BMI and blood pressure
  • A consultation with a male reproductive health specialist

The combination of these tests will determine your fertility potential and help our consultants diagnose any underlying medical conditions that may impact reproductive health.

What happens when I get the results of my Male Fertility Review? 

When your results are ready, you will see one of our male reproductive health consultants for a 30-minute fertility consultation. After a thorough examination, we will review your results and inform you what the next steps will be to help you achieve pregnancy naturally or with our help if an issue is found. We will also answer any questions you may have. If further investigations are required, we will walk discuss this with you. 

When should you consider a Male Fertility Review? 

It is the perfect starting point for those in a heterosexual relationship struggling to get pregnant, those undergoing treatment for a medical condition that affects fertility or those concerned about how their lifestyle affects their fertility.

We also suggest those who are struggling with recurrent miscarriage or those who may be dealing with a sexual dysfunction, such as an erectile dysfunction or an ejaculatory issue, should also consider a male fertility review as it can help ease your mind and identify any underlying issues.

Whatever your reason for seeking fertility testing, whether you're ready to start your family now or prepare for the future, our expert team will support you every step.

If you would prefer immediate access to fertility testing, a male fertility review at Manchester Fertility is available to both single patients and those in relationships without a GP referral so that you can be tested without the inconvenience of a long waiting list.

Why have a Male Fertility Review at Manchester Fertility? 

When you select Manchester Fertility to support you on your fertility journey, you gain access not only to our state-of-the-art facilities and the advice of our expert team but to a specially developed testing package that includes everything you need to thoroughly understand your individual fertility.

This enhanced offering includes additional services not available as standard, such as a testicular ultrasound and a consultation with one of our Male Fertility Consultants, Urological Surgeons and Andrologists, who specialise in diagnosing and treating male reproductive health concerns.

Consultant Urological Surgeon and Andrologist Steve Bromage says:

 "It's so rewarding to help those men having difficulty conceiving. Although sometimes conventional treatment isn't enough and procedures are needed for maximum chance of success, we're happy to lend our expertise and support our patients through the process."

Take control of your fertility with a male fertility review, and contact our team today at 0161 300 2737 for more advice or to start the process. You can also book a no-obligation 1-2-1 discovery appointment or request a call-back via our website. 

Last updated: 12th June 2023