Male Fertility Specialists: Expertise, Advice & Support at Manchester Fertility

17th September 2018 in Infertility

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Have you sought medical help for sperm issues but felt like you weren’t listened to or supported properly?

If so you’re not alone. Men with fertility issues are not being looked after, not diagnosed and not cared for, one of the UK’s top fertility experts has said.

Talking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, Professor Sheena Lewis – chair of the British Andrology Society – says the lack of focus on male infertility within the health system is an ‘urgent’ problem, where women are routinely having to undergo IVF, even if there is nothing wrong with their own fertility, in order to treat sperm issues.

Professor Lewis said many men were also uneducated about their reproductive health, leading to more opportunities for mutations with sperm because of poor lifestyle.

So how do we approach your male fertility problem at Manchester Fertility? With compassionate care, the right expertise and personal support.

Male fertility specialists in Manchester & Cheshire

Our male fertility specialists include a Consultant Urological Surgeon, which is a fertility doctor that focuses only on male fertility issues and reproductive health – not women’s fertility - ensuring you receive the dedicated expertise to correctly diagnose and treat your sperm problem.

We can perform a thorough and extensive assessment of your fertility and identify the most appropriate treatment to overcome any issues that are found. Giving you the reassurance of the best chance of a baby, with the personal support and care from a male fertility specialist who listens and completely understands how you may be feeling.

Do you really need fertility treatment for your sperm problem?

When considering your fertility issues, we don’t just perform a semen analysis. We also look at your lifestyle, your diet - all the influential factors that could be affecting your sperm. We’ll check your sperm for DNA damage, as well as movement, shape and count.

If simple lifestyle changes are all that’s needed, we’ll advise what you can do to try and conceive naturally. Or if fertility treatment is needed, which is right for your specific problem – IUI, IVF, ICSI or Surgical Sperm Retrieval for more serious sperm disorders such as azoospermia (no sperm in your sample) or retrograde ejaculation.

Personal counselling support

Counselling is essential for anyone with fertility issues and is automatically included in your journey at Manchester Fertility. It’s especially valuable if you don’t feel able to talk to anyone about your fertility problems.

Our counsellors listen impartially and help you process your feelings and the impact of infertility on your life and those closest to you, so you can move forward with positivity and confidence.

Male fertility– how to get help now

If you’re worried or embarrassed about male infertility, remember it’s much more common than you think. Latest data from fertility regulator the HFEA has shown the number of infertile men being treated has doubled in four years.

In most cases it’s treatable, with the right expertise and approach. If you’d like male fertility investigations and treatment with us, self-refer online – we don’t need a GP referral – or call us on 0161 300 2737


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