Frozen Donor Eggs: New Discounted Treatment Package

7th February 2018 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

If you need donor eggs to conceive, we’ve launched a new package offering cost-effective, affordable treatment in the UK for women aged up to 49.

Our new Frozen Donor Eggs Multi-Cycle Package not only gives you up to two cycles of discounted treatment, but also gives you the reassurance of using identifiable, health-screened UK egg donors from our own donor bank.

It’s designed to make treatment in the UK with donor eggs accessible, helping couples and single women who need donor eggs to stay in the UK rather than going abroad for treatment.

The package offers significant savings compared to paying for the same treatment individually, and by offering more than one cycle gives peace of mind.

You can start treatment straight away – we don’t have a waiting list - and you’re guaranteed six frozen donor eggs per cycle.

Frozen donor eggs: Quality egg donors

All donor eggs used in treatment at Manchester Fertility come from our own successful donor programme, Manchester Donors. Eggs are donated altruistically or by women having IVF with us who are choosing to egg-share.

Our egg donors are of peak fertile age (18-35) and have met the strict requirements of the HFEA to be egg donors, including fertility checks, screening tests and a detailed review of their family medical history.

Why frozen donor eggs?

Manchester Fertility is one of the few fertility clinics in the UK to be able to offer both fresh and frozen donor eggs. Using frozen donor eggs does have some significant benefits including lower associated costs and a faster treatment cycle as the donor eggs are already retrieved from your donor and ready to be used.

Pregnancy: Frozen donor eggs

We have strong success rates for frozen donor eggs. Because all the eggs are from our own donor programme, we control every aspect of freezing using the very latest fast-freezing technique to ensure eggs are viable for your treatment after thawing.

Manchester Fertility: Specialist UK clinic for treatment with donor eggs

We accept patients from all over the UK, which means you can have treatment with UK donor eggs through our new frozen donor eggs package no matter where you live.

We’ll streamline the process where we can to make it easy and convenient for you, under the continuous care of our fertility specialists and clinical team from initial enquiry to your first pregnancy scan.

Speak to our dedicated Donation Team on 0161 300 2737 to get started or simply self-refer online and we’ll contact you. You don’t need a GP referral.

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