Are you looking for a sperm donor from a specific ethnicity?

27th August 2014 in News

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Are you looking for a sperm donor from a specific ethnicity? One of the main reasons that Birmingham was chosen as the hub for the UK’s first national sperm donor bank is because of its ethnically diverse communities.

It’s hoped that by having Birmingham as the location for the new bank, that more ethnic sperm donors will come forward, to help address the shortage.

But you may not need to rely on sperm from the new National Sperm Bank. Did you know that at Manchester Fertility we have a wide variety of ethnic donors you can choose from?

We currently have a good number of donors from the Asian, African-Caribbean and Chinese communities here in the North West. All have been thoroughly screened and are available now.

Our success in recruiting ethnic sperm donors is largely because of the emphasis we have put on campaigning to raise awareness amongst these communities, not only of the need for sperm donors but the issue of infertility as a whole and who it can affect.

If you need a sperm donor of ethnic origin, please contact us on 0161 300 2737 to find out more about the sperm donors we have available. Remember you can specify many different characteristics in addition to ethnicity – including height, hair and eye colour, even interests or hobbies.

All of our sperm donors have agreed to be identifiable to any children born in future according to the law, and have drafted personal pen portraits about themselves so you can find out more about their personality and reasons for donating.

We will always aim to give you a choice of donor so don’t delay – if you wish to start your journey to a family we can help. Whether you need donor sperm because you’re a single person, you have male infertility issues or are in a same-sex relationship, we can help.

Last updated: 21st January 2020