When to start cyclogest

Hello. Having had treatment at three different clinics in the last four years (I moved a lot for work), I notice each one tells me to start the cyclogest suppositories at a different time: one, evening of egg collection; two, two days after egg collection; three, evening of embryo transfer. I'm worried that this has made a difference to the chances of implantation - that either there was too much progesterone or too little - and I am about to start treatment again. I haven't asked this time yet because I am trying to focus on the initial stages of my short protocol. In your view, does the start time of cyclogest matter terribly? One clinic told me to start later because they didn't want a risk of infection being introduced so soon after the operation. Thanks

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Progesterone (Cyclogest) support is required after egg collection as the follicles are ruined and ovarian progesterone production is impaired. Generally on the day of egg collection or next day is the usual time to start. This time is rather speculative without any evidence. Also some clinics recommend to use hCG injection (Pregnyl, Gonasi) to induce ovarian progesterone production. In this case progesterone support can be started later. Finally Cyclogest pessaries can be administered equally well via the back passage if you are worried about infection.