Support after ET

Having now had 2 fresh ICSI long protocol cycles this year, both ending with no pregnancy, I was wondering about the cyclogest support after ET. On both occassions, I have started bleeding 9 days after embryo transfer. The first cycle was a Day 3 transfer, the second cycle I had 2 blastocyst embryos transferred. I will be starting my third ICSI at MFS in the next few months but I am worried that the embryo will not implant again. I have been to my GP and had Level 1 immunes testing carried out and the results came back clear with no abnormalities in any of the tests done. Would MFS consider giving me a prescription for Gestone instead of Cyclogest pessaries next time? Do you think this may make a difference? I am 27 and very healthy and just trying to do everything possible to make my third cycle a success as the thought of another negative cycle is too much. Thank you very much.

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Gestone is given via an intramuscular injection so most patients do prefer to use Cyclogest pessaries. My advice to you is to contact Manchester Fertility and ask to see Dr Gidon Lieberman. He will review your previous cycles and advise you on the luteal support you have received and if there is any further investigations that may help you.