Low success rates of Natural IVF what are the other options?

I turned 40 two weeks ago. My husband and I conceived naturally five months ago and had an incomplete miscarriage after seven weeks. Neither of us have children. My FSH levels are 16.5 (taken last month), my AMH is 2.1 pmol/l (taken yesterday). One of my ovaries had a small cyst (3 cm), and the other one was lower down than the other. This made it difficult to count the follicles but estimated at 5-6. My husband has normal semen analysis results. The clinic we went has suggested natural IVF and advised us that other IVF's will not work for us. We want to consider all options as natural IVF has low rates of success.

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Having low ovarian egg reserve means any type of IVF stimulation will result in low egg number. Paired with age related decline of egg quality, this predicts a low success rate. I would recommend Natural or Modified Natural IVF, which is a relatively inexpensive treatment and gives the same pregnancy chance than classic IVF stimulation in your case.