Low AMH and follicle count - what treatment?

I was contemplating an IUI with a donor sperm but my result came back with a low AMH (5.9) and low follicle count (2 on each ovary). I am 39, have regular periods, never any problems and generally healthy. I am wondering what type of treatment would be best for me since I would probably be a poor respondent to IVF. Would an attempt with IUI on a natural cycle had any chance of success? Thank you for your help.

Our Expert's Answer

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Last year our results for natural cycle IUI with donor sperm at your age showed a clinical pregnancy rate of 6% per insemination and 12% per patient over a course of 3 cycles. It is a good starting point to try to conceive. IVF would give a higher pregnancy rate per cycle (26% per cycle started) but you may wish to opt for the more natural method to start.