IVF Treatment after sterilisation

Hello, I am 37yrs old and was sterilised when I was 23. I have 2 older daughters from a previous relationship but I have been in a loving relationship for the last 3 years with a wonderful man but he is 10 yrs older than me. We would like to have a baby together. Can you please help me on which course of fertility would be best for us?

Our Expert's Answer

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If you have had been sterilised there are a couple of options you could consider to help you have a baby.  You can either attempt a reversal of sterilisation or have treatment using IVF which bypasses the process of the egg having to travel down the fallopian tube.  I would suggest that before you embark on any treatment that you have a hormone test (AMH or FSH) to check your fertility status and your partner should also have a semen analysis.