Hi Brian, i am 40 years old and my partner is 31, I have a daughter who is 23. M partner doesn't have any children. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. My partner has above average sperm. And I have had all the blood tests, smears, swabs, and ultrasounds, and a transvaginal scan. Everything came back excellent. I was told my follicles where very active, I had no blockages or lesions. On paper there is no reason why we can't get pregnant. I wanted to know if IUI would be suitable for us. If we went for IVF we could only afford one cycle and I would be devestated if it didnt work. Could you tell me whether IUI would be suitable for me and what the chances of getting pregnant are. Thank you, Julie

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Dear Julie. IUI is a recommended form of treatment for unexplained fertility. The success rate for stimulated IUI and IVF at the age of 40 is similar if there are no obvious factors contributing to the failure to conceive. I would advise you seek an opinion from a fertility specialist fairly soon as the number and quality of your eggs will continue to decline as you get older.