Inducing Ovulation

I have had many cycles of clomid, the doctors did not scan me to see if I ovulated but I took ovulation test and got positive results for ovulation but I never got pregnant, I know I cant have more clomid but would I be able to have induction of ovulation at your clinic by any other type of medicine I have pcos and ovulate late in the month on my own, and would iui be more successful? Would I still be able to have ivf even if i had a lot of clomid already?

Our Expert's Answer

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If you do not ovulate regularly on your own then clomid may have a limited role in boosting your fertility.  Certainly you could have induction of ovulation with FSH injections followed by IUI.  Taking clomid does not mean that you can’t have IVF.  My advice to you is to go to a fertility clinic and ask the Doctor which treatment would be the most appropriate for you.