ICSI at 43


I'm 43 1/2 years old with one fallopian tube left and a dermoid cyst on one ovary (surgery was operated on the second ovary). I had my first child naturally 5 yrs ago with my husband. We underwent IVF ICSI for the last two years because of his low sperm count. I got pregnant on the 2nd IVF but miscarried following severe turner syndrome. ICSI number 3 gave a chemical pregnancy and ICSI 4 failed two months ago. AMH went from 2,3 to now 1,3 and 7 follicles. For each previous ICSI, we had between 4 and 5 fertilized eggs. We'd like a last shot, what do you think? Donor eggs is out of the question for us.

Our Expert's Answer

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I am sorry to tell you that studying your previous cycles it does appear that the issue you have is declining egg quality. With another treatment, using your own eggs, you have less than a 5% chance of achieving a pregnancy with a high risk of pregnancy loss and chromosomal problems with the baby are much higher. Before you embark on another cycle of ICSI I would suggest that you see one of our counsellors who will discuss your previous treatments and how to cope with another cycle if it was unsuccessful.