Embryoscope query

We are having fertility treatment for secondary fertility. I have PCOS and also had treatment for our first child. I am 39 and my husband is nearly 46 so time isn't on our side. We have discovered I would need abdominal egg collection for IVF, which our current clinic doesn't offer so we are choosing between a clinic in London which would involve more stress from travelling but does offer Embryoscope, or another clinic which involves less stressful travelling but does not offer Embryoscope. From a medical point of view, how much should the Embryoscope facility make a part of our decision as to which clinic we should go to? (We used to see Mr Mathur at Cambridge IVF!). Many thanks for your time.

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Culturing embryos in an Embryoscope improves embryo selection and at Manchester Fertility we have seen an increase in pregnancy rates using time lapse so advise our patients to use the technology.