egg quality

Dear MFS

I've been told that I have low-ish amh for my age (just under 15, age 35) and poor egg quality (after 2xICSI, NHS). I suffer with bad anxiety so I know that I can do things to improve my general well being and lower stress, which might affect it, but is there anything in particular you would recommend to improve egg quality? I seemed to respond well to the medication (my scans looked good, and up until the actual ICSI part it was going OK). I'm thinking of private treatment, but wonder if it's worth it.

Thank you for your suggestions


Our Expert's Answer

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Firstly although your AMH is in the ‘low category’ this does not relate to egg quality but is an indication of the number of eggs available.  Your consultant may suggest a change in the stimulation protocol to improve your egg quality if you were to have another attempt. You do not give any details of the stage of your embryos during your 2 cycles but I note that you had ICSI which is used to treat male factor infertility.  Sperm has contributed to overall embryo quality and your doctor may suggest some additional tests on your partner's sperm before embarking on another cycle.