Does Buserelin work for everyone?

I'm concerned that the buserelin injections don't work on me. I started the injections on the 8th November, had a period as normal on the 17th first blood test 22nd then it all went down hill from there every time I went back my levels wernt low enough. I had to stop the injections on the 1st December because of the holidays but my concern is if I start them again in the New Year will they work? Will the doctor up the dose or try another drug?

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Do not be too concerned as it is not that uncommon to see this sort of failure of proper response to down regulation treatment.  There are various options that may help to overcome this. You could try again with the same dose of Buserelin as cycles and hormone levels vary so it may work.  Buserelin is usually administered at a dose of 250µg or 500µg per day.  If the lower dose was used, the higher may work better. There is no evidence that alternative down regulation drugs would be more effective.  Another option is to try treatment without long down regulation.  IVF treatment using GnRH antagonist such as Cetrotide may overcome this failure.