I have an AMH of 1.7 and a fertility clinic has said the best chance of pregnancy is IVF rather than IUI. My question is why would my best chance be IVF? Does having reduced fertility mean that it is almost impossible to release an egg every month with such low ovarian reserve but with IVF, the eggs can be retrieved. Is that why IVF is the best chance? My other question is if I am still ovulating (FSH normal) then can I still get pregnant naturally? I am 42 years old and all other tests normal.

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Intrauterine insemination gives very low chances of conception in your age group so that is why you have been advised to have IVF. IVF also gives more information about your egg and embryo quality. With IVF you will be given drugs which will increase the number of eggs you produce. You may get pregnant naturally but I would not advise you to keep trying as your fertility will continue to diminish with age.