A weird cycle - is this normal?

Dear Dr, I am doing my 2nd IVF this month. My first in August, was a textbook IVF, retrieval on day 13 and transfer a few days later of a good looking embryo. However this didn't stick. So I was eager to continue my treatment this month. However, on my 2nd period day the scan showed 2 follicles that were already 9 and 11 mm. My doc started me up on the Elonva after all, but today, 6 days later the scan shows that these two follicles have vanished and left only small anthrals. My doc has now upped my dose but what on earth has happend here? I have been scanned for IUIs etc for a year now and have never experienced this before. Can my small anthrals start growing now, one week late?

Our Expert's Answer

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If by day 8 of your stimulation there is no sign of follicular growth there is very little chance of a successful stimulation. Sometimes we see a low response in the second cycle as differences in responses between cycles is quite common. I would advise you to wait 3 months before you start a new cycle.