44 years old and undergoing IUI treatment with menopur

I am 44 years old, I am currently going through an IUI cycle with medication (menopur).
I have been tested and all my levels/numbers are outstanding for my age. I also achieved a pregnancy in September that ended in m/c in November at almost 9 weeks.
I'm not reading a lot of positive feedback, and I'm curious that my RE has no concerns. They always feel positive that I will have success? I have been responding well to the treatments and my lining is good. I'm praying that we will be successful this cycle.
I do read many success stories of women even conceiving naturally. Why is there so much negativity towards older woman TTC?

Our Expert's Answer

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The negative feedback you are reading is coming from pregnancy rates of patients in your age group. The evidence suggests if a woman is ovulating and their partner (or donor) has normal sperm quality then IUI or ovulation induction (menopur) cannot increase pregnancy chances, especially in those over age 40. Ovulation induction can be indicated if there is no ovulation. IUI can be indicated if sperm quality is somewhat reduced or sexual intercourse is not applicable. Published IUI success rate over age 42 is 2-5% per insemination.