No sperm, what treatment for us?

Hi i am 25 year old man, I have been told I have azoospermia, however I have many samples tested including a biopsy which was tested at Liverpool Woman's which came back as "nothing to work with" in a letter with no explanation or alternative. My wife is 32 and has 3 children from previous marriage. What treatment would be most effective for our situation, as we are open to donor sperm too?

Our Expert's Answer

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I am sorry to hear that you did not get an explanation for your negative biopsy result. A testicular biopsy confirms that you are not producing any mature spermatozoa and unfortunately there anything more that can be done medically to reverse this situation. If you and your wife wish to pursue having a child of your own then you will need to consider using donor sperm. Manchester Fertility does have a good supply of donor sperm and if you wish to look into having treatment then you can organise your appointments to a fertility specialist by contacting our patient advisors.