Treatment over 50?

I am a 52 year old woman in excellent health. In November 2011, I underwent donor egg blastocyst transfer IVF in the Czech Republic which resulted in a twin pregnancy, but I sadly miscarried at seven weeks. In January 2012, I underwent single embryo blastocyst donor egg transfer at a London women's clinic with a negative result. My male partner and I have had all the screening tests within the past few months, which all passed. My partner and I are in the process of arranging screening tests for sperm fragmentation and sperm aneupoidy to ascertain if we also need to use a sperm donor. I am asking if your clinic considers whether or not they treat older women on a case-to-case basis and if they would consider treating me in view of the fact that I have become pregnant as a result of previous IVF treatment? As we live in the Manchester area your clinic is also convenient to access.

Our Expert's Answer

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I am sorry to tell you that our policy at Manchester Fertility is not to treat women over the age of 50. To find a clinic in the UK you will need to contact HFEA for further information.