Too old for implantation?

Is there a cut off date for implantation? I'm a 'young' 44 year old, no children. My endo said I have 5 follicles on one ovary and 8 on the other and a high FSH. He said he's amazed and hasn't seen this in a woman 'my age' in a very long time. Question: if I freeze now, do clinics have a cut off age for implantation? I know many cut off at 45 years but is that for harvesting or implantation? Thank you.

Our Expert's Answer

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We would not advise you to freeze your eggs. Your chance of to conceive using your own at the age of 44 is extremely low due to the quality of the eggs which is independent of the number. Your best chance to try to conceive at your age is to use donor eggs.