Age 48 and ttc with Fibriods

Had a myomectomy in 2004 to remove fibriods, and then in 2008 met the love of my life, my fiance age 37, we've been TTC since 2009 and discovered I had uterine scarring which was corrected after 2 hysterscopies, we were then able to start our first IVF with donor egg. During the ET I was told I have a lot more fibroids (had 3 small ones when started IVF) which may prevent my pregnancy...11 days post 5 day embryo transfer we got a postive beta hcg only for it to drop later. My questions are can you help me & what are my chances of removing my fibriods and starting IVF again at my age?

Our Expert's Answer

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Given your history of myomectomy and uterine scarring further surgery to excise fibroids is probably not recommended.  Any further fibroids only need removing if they are indenting the cavity of the uterus. You can consider treatment with donor eggs up to the age of 50 however if significant uterine scarring is present then your chance of having a live birth would be low.  You could consider using a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. I would suggest that you have a consultation with all your medical reports to get the appropriate medical advice.