44 years old and Premenopausal

Hi I am told by my doctor that I am pre menopausal, my periods have been on and off for about a year, I do still have them though about every 2-3 months and somtimes every month. The question is we want more children and are wanting no egg donation due to religious beliefs. I want to try myself - are you still able to help? I have been told you havent had any births using anyone own eggs over the age of 43. I still want to no if it could be possible for me to conceive this way. If so would want to get the costs ect known and so on. Thanks

Our Expert's Answer

This information was published 11 years, 4 months ago and was correct at the time of publication. It may not reflect our current practices or regulations.

Please note that all the answers we give are on a generic basis only, as we cannot provide more in-depth answers without access to your medical history. If you need a more detailed response, tailored to you, we would recommend a consultation with one of our Fertility Specialists for more comprehensive medical advice.

If you are peri-menopausal you still have a very small chance of conceiving naturally. I would advise you to have your hormone levels checked by your GP and they should be able to give you advice on the chance of success.