Tubal Surgery

I've recently been in for a Laparoscopy after two failed attempts of IVF. During my second cycle of IVF they found my tubes had a blockage which they thought was a hydrosalphinx but only very small and in one tube. Following this I had my Lap in which my new Gynae found I had cysts in both tubes which he has drained and stretched my tubes wider. They have put me on Folic Acid and said it should be less difficult to concieve naturally now. What are your thoughts please? Since my surgery I now have a feeling on each side when I'm ovulating rather than one, I think this is a good sign.

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Tubal surgery should not affect ovulation which happens in the ovaries. The fact the reconstructive tubal surgery was performed suggests promising tubal function. I would advise you to give it at least 6 months to try to conceive naturally and if you have not succeeded then it will be worth having an HSG to check if your tubes are patent.