Severe adhesions

Hi please can you help me, I've been trying for 3yrs. Sperm test ok, hsg and ultrasound clear, my recent lap my doctor was unable to give me any treatment due to the severity of adhesions (I think from my emcs 11yrs ago). My doctor said my tubes are clear but my ovaries and tubes are in the wrong place. I'll be having surgery soon to fix this. What is the name of this surgery (I know he is going in through my cs scar)? Is it likely I will concieve after this big operation? Please help, I'm so confused. Thanks

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The operation to remove scar tissue is called Adhesiolysis and to repair the fallopian tubes is called Salpingoplasty.  If the fallopian tubes are clear and conception does not happen then reconstructive surgery has little role.  You need to check your AMH level to assess if IVF would give you a higher chance of success than tubal surgery.  However, if you are over 37 and have a very low AMH then surgery would be a better option.