Primary testicular failure - SSR?

My husband has been diagnosed with primary testicular failure due to him having non obstructive azoospermia, low testosterone level (7.9nml) and high FSH level (22.3nml) . Is there any point in him going through SSR or should we just opt to using a donor?If SSR is still an option can you recommend which technique is most suitable.

Our Expert's Answer

This information was published 7 years ago and was correct at the time of publication. It may not reflect our current practices or regulations.

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Research carried out at Manchester Fertility by our Urologist Mr Stephen Bromage showed that men with non-obstructive azoospermia and FSH level >10 had a 30% chance of retrieving sperm from an SSR procedure. The technique recommended would be an open testicular biopsy. Mr Bromage would be the best person to advise you as to whether this is the best option for you. If the result of the SSR is negative then we would be able to help you with treatment with donor sperm.