Polycystic ovaries and miscarriage

Hi, I have been told that I have polycystic ovaries (although I do not have PCOS). I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2008 (age 36) and then the tube was removed, I went on to have 2 missed miscarriages (natural conception) at approx 6 weeks (aged 36 & 38). Following the first miscarriage I had 4 lots of IVF (not at MFS), 1 fresh cycle (abandoned due to moderate OHSS), 1 stimulated frozen, 1 natural frozen and another fresh, non resulted in a pregnancy. No one has ever mentioned the link between polycystic ovaries and miscarriage to me. Do you think there may be a link in my case? If so, is there a 'best way' forward? I'm 39yrs old and considering egg donation.

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There isn’t a link between polycystic ovaries and miscarriage.  However, as you have had three spontaneous conceptions and four unsuccessful IVF cycles you should consider screening for recurrent pregnancy loss and maybe consider having a hysteroscopy if you have not already had these tests.