Persistant Adult Acne cleared when on Oestrogen (but no PCOS?)

I have been plagued by Acne all my adult life, physically have the appearance of someone with PCOS but all tests have ruled it out (and no PCO reactions during IVF). I also have long cycles and do not always ovulate. During a recent frozen egg transfer cycle I was put on HRT and my acne cleared up! I am presuming that this may indicate that I have low/poor oestrogen levels. Could low oestrogen levels cause acne/excessive hair growth and no ovulation? If so, is there a simple way of boosting oestrogen?

Our Expert's Answer

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It is possible that you have low oestrogen and maybe a raised testosterone level which could be the underlying cause of your acne.  I would suggest you see a reproductive endocrinologist who can investigate your situation and give you advice on the cause and possible treatment for your acne.