I am 43 years old and have suffered five miscarriages since November 2013. I have had all my recurrent miscarriage tests done and they have all come back as normal. Two of the miscarriages resulted in a D&C and after these I did not have a period for six months each time. My AMH was tested at 1.0 and the consultant that I saw said that I was in peri-menopause because of my blood results (these were taken after my first D&C in 2014. I know that because of my AMH that my chance of a live birth is very low but I cannot understand how I can get pregnant so easily. My last D&C was in May 2015 and I didn’t have a period until December. I then found out I was pregnant in January. Surely if my eggs were so bad I would not be able to conceive so many times and so quickly? I am looking at using a donor egg but wanted to know if there was any point doing IVF with my own eggs?

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Egg quality naturally declines by age and there is no exception. However even low quality eggs can form embryos. Whether the embryo implants depends on both embryo quality and the endometrium. In your case frequent implantation may mean your endometrium is less selective and poor quality embryos are implanting giving a positive pregnancy test. Your infrequent periods suggest early ovarian failure so I would advise donor egg treatment, as using good quality eggs/embryos gives a better chance of a successful pregnancy.