I am 38 and TTC for four years. In between I have had two miscarriages. I have regular clockwork periods. I have had blood tests checking my ovulation and it came back normal.
I went to a fertility clinic at the hospital and was told to lose 7 stone. I am possibly 2 stone overweight. I was also informed I may of may not get Clomid after 7 stone weight loss and also will not be immediately referred for IVF, that my situation would have to go before a board??
Why do I feel that this is unfair?? That all hope of receiving any help disintegrating daily? I don't have the luxury of time on my side as already 38.
Please help me to understand their reasoning as I cannot.

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I am sorry but I can’t give you any answers to the decision that your fertility clinic has made. I would suggest you go back to your Doctor and ask for an explanation to their decision.